Flight - That's My Typa (Official Audio)


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    1. The CSGO Blender

      Y all his music sound the same

    2. Rome Amaral

      I’m watching March 2021

    3. Synthz

      POV ITS MARCH 3rd 2021

    4. Dta Tj

      Flight was letting us know he going super sayan mode pay attention to the cover arts and errythang

    5. BionicallyAComputer

      0:28 🌋🔥🔥🌋🔥🌋🔥🔥🌋

    6. BionicallyAComputer


    7. Remake Sensei

      flight watch DBS LEGEND

    8. JAM4L

      anyone else here in march⁉️🤔

    9. Alexander Chapkanov

      Who tf is flight

    10. Alfonso Curiel

      Didn’t know flight was a Kai

    11. Brandon Bonner

      Flight for xxl 21

    12. Heathcliff Gusmeroli

      Wow It's Fire 💪🏿💪🏿

    13. SamaNinja


    14. Daniel Ramos

      outhere getting rich

    15. Six Onyx

      This song fire asffff don’t care if he stole lyrics he did sum good with em

    16. Amit Guetta

      This shit is gonna hit different in June

    17. Dennis Dinev

      thats awesome

    18. DYLAN Ambrose

      is that zamasu or merged zamasu ?

    19. Jay Hernandez

      This needs to be on the 2k22 soundtrack

    20. Ho Fart

      I didn’t even know flight did this song but this slaps

    21. Envyed Kingz

      February gang

    22. Colyn97X

      let's goooo a milion

    23. Happy Berry lemonade

      Bro this song do be hitting that spot

    24. ShedontknowNoah BA

      That’s my typa shot😭

    25. vvseem

      Who else is listening in February

    26. Ioannis Tzavaras

      Thais on his low key fire do

    27. Gianni Cicatello

      More on beat then blue face 🤣

    28. Chocolate Soldier TV

      Listening it in February 2021 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    29. Chcjd Djdjdj

      Whos listening 2021

    30. Tonio Official

      Who here in 2021

    31. dawglas


    32. Strxpz 2k

      Who else listening in 2021

    33. FleeOnLive


    34. kaychapoloose شرك

      Who’s listening in February 2021

    35. Jemekek Mekekeke

      Who still listening in 2021🔥🔥

    36. stewie steelflex

      This hittin different in February

    37. breadboy49

      Who else listening to this in 2021

    38. Nic Clutch

      2021 GANGGG

    39. JamesLee TV

      Who else listening in 2021 ? 👀🔥🔥

      1. Hooping WithLa


    40. Jayden Romero [Student]

      Who else listening In june?

    41. Joel Han

      Why is this a song tf

    42. TheOneCalledIM WXRLD


    43. Music YouTube

      Who still listen to this in 2021

    44. Isaiah Carretero

      This shit is fire

    45. Kwabs Games

      1 milly

    46. NOT_blainevx6 -

      This shit goes hard

    47. Swift Jay

      Your scrolling in the comments 5 months later aren’t you


      1Million💪🏾 Who was here when this came out

    49. fhmhere

      STRAIT FIREEE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!!! vERY

    50. Andrew Enlow

      Favorite song

    51. GreenzClapz


    52. David Costeira

      Who is back here in 2021

    53. -Golden CEO-

      Does somebody has the lyrics?

    54. Alvarez -24


    55. Dimsneeze 31

      Listening in January anyone?

    56. Rikka

      Who's here in 2021

    57. Rafael 007


    58. TLN Kai

      FTC is legendary yo it is February 🔥🐬

    59. Ashley Zimmerman

      I like this song🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    60. 6hiteForces MBL

      Who listening in 21 Jan 26

    61. J.D Official

      Who else listening in 2021

    62. Mekhi Davis

      Sounds like a Mac Dre song rip to Mac Dre

    63. Lorence Agoli-Agbo

      nobody me: vibing in the shower

    64. Moey

      Who else listening in January

    65. Aiden Densmore

      now this is good

    66. Jamil Brown


    67. Damien Jones


    68. Ayyy Papi

      Who else was thinking about Zamasu from DBSuper

    69. Neo Entertainment

      HOLD UP, WE JUST HIT 1 million VIEW! LIKE IT UP!

    70. Uzumaki Naruto

      We finally hit that 1 MILLY MILLY, FTC

    71. driplord Dripgang

      Flight: That my type hit Me:well it is a real hit fire

    72. Matthew

      999.251 wtf

    73. Shawn XD

      The song bout to hit 1 milli milli.

    74. Roqqs

      here at 999,161 views.

    75. Ty Redmon

      So are you rich yet?! Haha trash music

      1. Ty Redmon

        It's still trash, idgaf

      2. Jahki Murray

        Stfu hater

    76. Trxuly 2k

      Who listening it 2021

    77. Joseph Tyler Wong (jw1497)


    78. Sutton Powers

      Who’s here in January

    79. ItsPhantom

      Ngl this is actually 🔥

    80. Devon Ogletree


    81. dillan crothers

      he be stealing lyrics

    82. NinjathLegend

      Before 1mill gang

    83. Jesse Singh

      Wait is this a disingenuous remix

    84. Lane Kollmann

      Lesss go turn up FLIGHT

    85. Elias21lopez

      Ngl this song good as fuck

    86. Always Ayden

      0:16 James charles

    87. Jose Magana


    88. Bballive

      I recently lost a job due to covid and so i decided to start a youtube channel. Wish me luck

    89. zino

      I played this in front of my crush

      1. Yung Monn

        @zino *PAINNN* 😔

      2. zino

        @IllDummies she said no

      3. IllDummies

        Howd it go

    90. Ray Wrld

      22,000 more

    91. Jacob JB

      Who else listen to this in 2021

    92. NIX News


    93. it's ya boi dedoy

      Fire bruh no cap 🧢

    94. Daylonthegod

      Who listening in 2021 ??

    95. Jaden Woolcock

      2021 anyone ?

    96. danyalwastaken


    97. Zion Shaw

      This song saved 2020 "That's my typa shot." Flightreacts

    98. Vanessa Grethel Pachas Gonzales

      Wo q buena canción

    99. Milk Man

      Who listening in January of 2021

    100. The 4 Ghost Hunters