Flight - Up N Out (Official Audio)


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    күнү жарыяланды 8 ай мурун


    1. Different

      1:02 bars

    2. Different

      Premarital sex is wrong

    3. Scott Bennett

      exactly what happened last night in stream

    4. TLN Kai

      FTC is legendary yo it is February 🔥🐬

    5. Bernard Jan

      I click on the subtitles on this video/song and its a bit funny..

    6. NoahPlayz


    7. Treyt

      I just noticed he talking abiut janet

    8. Joseph


    9. Dereknotderrick

      This song underrated

    10. Brandon Marrero

      This was about Janet the whole time and we ain’t even know 🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. flight Teamstandup


    11. OG4⃣EVER KAM

      The hook to this song hitting different now.

    12. DeVon

      This Song hit different after his latest vid

    13. Nathaniel Holder

      This song makes a lot of sense now...

      1. flight Teamstandup


      2. Triple GP


    14. JGGreene 10


    15. Æ

      best song on the album

    16. MM20

      This song hits different on mute

      1. Jahki Murray


    17. zach richardson

      Eminem has been real quiet after this

    18. Yk KennyYT


    19. Brody Michalski

      Flight is honestly the best youtube rapper

    20. GreenupSway

      Claim your "Here before 1 Milly Milly" ticket Here

    21. Albert Sylvia

      I like the blueface vibes my guy

    22. jeriah coleman

      Bro he needa stay to rapping basketball aint his thing but at least he try

    23. Miguel Diwaku

      Yessir 🔥

    24. Glizzy Gobbler

      Flight team stand up

    25. The Legend Goat Jhames

      Good flight

    26. Fang

      Can you guys share this around so flight can react to it kgup.info/get/ZoqtdHuYh4dpfHc/video

    27. Theo Ning

      whos watching in 2022?

    28. GamingWarrior

      XXL Next year confirmed

    29. Roddy Roood

      Flight favorite rap line: Better watch yo bitch…

    30. Alexx O'Brian

      I made a remix to Flight's Sum Video kgup.info/get/o4R9dITZaKWfhHc/video Check it out

    31. Gavin Rivera

      Stole lyrics

    32. Mosquito

      Like so said he is better than J cole

    33. Zz Cuh

      MikeSherm and 1TakeJay is this mans inspiration😂💀💀💀

    34. toptierlink

      A banger of course 👏🏼

    35. Soultaker 22

      Flight is such a goat

    36. Posted Up !


    37. Posted Up !

      Trash even the producer couldn’t save this one or the last one or the last one

    38. Lolimstillalive5 Ha

      This dude steals lyrics 😂😂😂

    39. Lolimstillalive5 Ha


    40. loucorey FF

      Heat 🔥🔥🔥💯🎯🎯

    41. Karina mendia

      This ones fire

    42. Junior Peralta

      Stole girlhefunny lyrics

    43. Yash Talati


    44. Yash Talati


    45. Yash Talati


    46. Yash Talati


    47. Yash Talati


    48. STT Clan

      Can y’all sub

    49. Jay TTY

      Damn I really listened to this whole album

    50. Dawson Miles

      Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥😢🔥

    51. AJ

      Get cash as a feature

    52. chrxme!

      vape boy;

    53. Ryan Smith

      FTC gang Let's get this album on billboard

    54. Young Man Tarzan

      I can already hear this on every 2k court

    55. Da Goat Waddles

      Flight...... Inspirational..

    56. Trey FINESSE


      1. -DemonLuci-

        Calm down there

    57. STX CLOUT

      you forgot to turn on your auto tune

    58. Kyle Alfred

      Who's a better KGup rapper? 👇 FTC. DDG👇

      1. Yoloslapss

        Why yall have to compare

      2. Retro JB

        DDG IS so called a KGupr nomo so Flight .

      3. Aazib Abdullah

        @Smallchild 72 exactly, you don't want to believe it but it is true

      4. Smallchild 72

        @Aazib Abdullah nah I’m good

      5. Aazib Abdullah

        @Smallchild 72 Who's paperchasinj? Who's girlhefunnyaf? EXPLAIN?

    59. Joshua Benjamin

      Paperchasinj coming in clutch with them lyrics😂😭😭

    60. xLurk

      Sorry not sorry flight but this is embarrassing🤦🏻‍♂️

    61. Mustafa mohamud

      u know he stole lyrics again in thats my typa from paperchasinj

    62. Zench Genes

      Flight literally stuttered at the end and didn't even bother editing it out😂

    63. Robby Rutzen

      Flight: Quick, I need an Album by August... PaperChasinJ: *Hold my Capri-Sun*

    64. yes n't


    65. Daalezz walkthrough

      Lmaooooo stolen ass lyrics 🤣🤣🤣🤣 hopefully yourrage to post his livestream of him finding out you stole lyrics again from that Mexican dude tm 🤣🤣🇲🇽

      1. Daalezz walkthrough

        Baka Cook paperchacinJ it’s not the first time either search up “flight steals lyrics” its funny

      2. -DemonLuci-

        What mexican dude.

    66. Josh22 gang

      The hook is bad but other then that it's 🔥🔥🔥

    67. Ty_theGoat J


    68. Kirxeu


    69. FaZe Dane

      flight goin crazy

    70. GoatedKai


    71. Emilio Ibarra

      My rating of this album: 6/10

    72. Different

      God is Good

    73. KevBurger

      No one: Flight in this album: when I’m gone they talk down

    74. Jesus Juarez

      Best song off the album

    75. Dojya —aan

      Best song on the album 🔥🔥

    76. Jett Johnson

      Flight dropped a W album ngl big upgrade nocap😈


      This is my favorite

    78. Kasone D

      9/12 this shit straight ass but good shit flight

    79. KingKK

      Here before 100k

    80. King Kapo

      Flight really came up es year es year been so wild that they let flight 💩 on y’all niggas🐐

    81. Matthew dut

      Look at flight man

    82. Big boy Big

      Flight man

    83. diegosverse

      He really tryna get jumped by vegito😂

    84. Tay

      I like this 1 😆💯👌

    85. COLD

      9-10 W

    86. Colton

      Hey dontai 😚

    87. SpookTunes

      Why is everyone hating some of these songs pretty fire. Except when he went blue face but we don’t talk about that.

    88. Steve Bray

      Curry might be inspiring but flight is legendary

    89. Rodriguez_801

      Hit up mike sherm and make a banger together 🔥

    90. YoungReezy DaGoat

      Flight the goat for using Fuse Zamuza as a album

    91. AnthonyCT Gaming

      New album 🥵🔥kgup.info/get/e3xpp5qReIivmm4/video

    92. David Guerra

      Other rappers shaking rn.

    93. Simply Dhatboii

      In life, Everybody always prays on your downfall and shortcomings especially on your success😢💯. Check out my latest content. LINK IN BIO♥️. I'll be heard, ONE DAY😇.

    94. Virus


    95. aliseofrmda 4

      Look at flight so inspirational man🐐

    96. Temo Nunez

      He a beast 🚨🚨🚨🚨

    97. Baller 15


    98. Zachary Kohn

      Honestly expected to have an ad interrupt the song every 10 seconds.

    99. DELIRIOUS-_ -StAxX


    100. SDSdaGOAT

      Reacted to the album🥵