FlightReacts WARRIORS at NETS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 22, 2020!


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      This was before flight knew anyone on the warriors

    2. hussle for love

      What about the nets now with harden? He aint making anymore videos cuz warriors suck and hates everyother team and thinks his wack lyrics will save him, bruh

    3. aaron1800blk

      Warriors boo boo😂 nets are gonna make playoffs

    4. Anthony Herrera

      Flight at the end😂

    5. Fecal Matter

      Flight VS Deestroying on the football field

    6. Number One

      Yeah I don’t count this game you say they lost today

    7. Ibrahim Syed

      Opening night 2020-21 NBA Regular season

    8. Pewm Pewm

      flight : you guys dont have to worry about this add your not gonna see nothing im the best editor on youtube *clicks skip ad

    9. Jaylen Tielking

      8:46 urry😂😂

    10. Nazir Angel

      Flight needs to stop comparing all these fucking rookies and other dudes to Bron and Jordan like nobody can compare to either of them

    11. Nazir Angel

      I was on the toilet I couldn't stand up

    12. Y B


    13. Kenny Williams


    14. dre go447

      I only watch to see his face when curry gets SLAMMED lol cuz he knows the nets are gonna be in the finals this year

    15. James Kirklin

      Anybody does anything: Flight: Why is everyone copying curry bro

    16. Ofentse Irving


    17. Alex Black

      “best editor you won’t see this” *see’s this*

    18. Albert Garcia

      This game counts

    19. Albert Garcia


    20. K A


    21. Heir Loomz

      5:13 Flight finally see Kelly's D

    22. Gaming with lemon Hawk

      How you going to tell a nba player to get they skills up if your not in the nba lolololo

    23. L1fe

      "He cut his hair ? "😂😭

    24. Jadon Williams

      Bra face it kyrie better than curry

    25. Jayden Wiggins

      Flight: they can still come back, they only down by like 10 Me:Um their down 28

    26. Emmanuel Rola

      this baby cryin over his warriors and lettinf out all the excuses. this is pathetic to watch 😂

    27. Brandon Williamson

      "Damn he stinks" had me dead

    28. Hooper Jules


    29. The Pudge


    30. Julian Miravete

      Flight says it’s preseason but on the score board it says opening night 😂😂

    31. OG Dandaman Cunha

      Score 118-91 Flight- what their down by 10 points

    32. Cloud Fullantes

      Flight says maybe somebody fell asleep with the score bro this aint the real score

    33. Cloud Fullantes

      Curry litterally just shot a normal three and this man says LeBron can never do that. Kyrie splits the defense and flight be like thats my type of move there. Flight says he aint even worried that his warriors wont lose but after the game warriors lose by 20+ pts Kyrie shoots three and flight says he copyin Curry first Lillard and now Kyrie These sentences you make is just so laughable

    34. Blaze Zay

      GSW are ass😂you should of know the nets was going beat the ass golden stat Warriors

    35. Joshua hyde

      Curry sucks without all-stars on his team

    36. TΣΛL

      jesus is coming repent

    37. Leni De La Rosa


    38. Chris Hernandez

      trash ass warriors 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    39. Javonta BURDEN

      shut up kyrie shoot that far shut up

    40. Ken Phongsirikul

      I like how flight thinks warriors can win every game when litterly each team has lost a game before and it's normal but apparently that's not normal to delusional flight

    41. Mikhael M

      I hate the nets court. It messes with my depth perception.

    42. CeeJayFooly

      Nobody: Score: 45-60 Flight: they can still come back they’re only down by like 32 😑

    43. 2xLyrik

      So I’ve more recently been watching flight and I didn’t know he loved every step curry takes😂

    44. Devin Mathews

      8:20 flight actually said something Tht was true I’m so proud

    45. Parker Monson

      13:03 Flight: there only down what 10 Kindergarten math has entered the chat

    46. Thierry Culley

      And he isn't the best player of all time too

    47. Thierry Culley

      God damn flight will go gay for Stephen curry

    48. jamari stewart

      14:27 he is on crack

    49. jamari stewart

      5:49 he through the ball at the top of his head

    50. jamari stewart

      4:00 Damn he stinks

    51. jamari stewart


    52. jamari stewart

      ok flight can't be telling anyone to get there skills up after that beating from tjass

    53. Tracey Curry

      So we are not going to talk about when he said Curry is going to be better than mj😂

    54. Yuvraj

      People unliked the video bcoz gsw lost

    55. FlightReacts

      8:34 "Youre only down by like 32, its not that much" *60-45*

    56. FlightReacts

      7:59 Editing where 🤣🤣🤣

    57. EPIC TDG

      This year is gonna be legendary, it’s January

    58. Obito uzumaki

      I kinda feel bad for flight not lying

    59. Dark Link

      Man these comments corny as fuck

    60. Silly Willy

      He watching the highlights on a potato wtf

    61. Paul French

      “We can come back we only losing by... 32”

    62. Georg Zahl

      8:32 "they are only down by 32" Ehhhh yeah 😅

    63. Gang time

      nigga said dump 😂💀 but wiggins been better than kelly all year wiggins had a dump 😭💀

    64. Gang time

      Kelly averaged 19 last year this year been trash like 5 PPG

    65. Gang time

      casper the ghost everyone says that 😂🤣

    66. Gang time

      what song that 😂🤣

    67. Gang time

      lol flight was mad as hell 😂🤣💀😭

    68. Random Onthetube

      Flight the only dude that puts “and” in someone’s name

    69. Random Onthetube

      Only down by like 32 not that much...

    70. JP

      bro ima warriors fan but we gotta admit its Lakers VS. Nets 2021 Finals

    71. epovj

      Flight: you know whats so crazy Me: shut the fuxk up😡

    72. Richard Jr Stringham

      There is no way flight is having this video on his main the other game highlights look fire tho

    73. Azizbek Kabilov

      u could never get under this nigga skin lmao 14:14 this is a champion ship team

    74. Tomer Furman

      dis preseason

    75. Jrocji

      2021 CHAMPIONS LOL💀

    76. Jacob D

      “We’re only down by 32 points” 45-60😭

    77. Boba Fett

      Iggins, wiggins, and Andrew😂

    78. LightningXG

      Player: *hit a deep 3* Flight: *wHy EvErYoNe WaNnA pLaY lIkE cUrRy??*

    79. Kayden Miller

      anybody but curry: breaths* flight: BRO STOP COPYING CURRY

    80. Kayden Miller

      bruh my brooklyn nets shit on the warriors

    81. Victor Torres

      flight has to practice when he names all the players at the beginning n the nobodies bc how df does he remember all the not nobodies

    82. kjeremiah keydale

      Srry flight it’s not preseason lol warriors are just trash 😂

    83. sam t

      AYO CAVS 3-0

    84. -ひ

      His next saying should be "Another year to carry, its january" like so he can see

    85. MxlvinClipped

      Kyrie: Does a behind the back move Flight: “That’s my type of move, did it over the summer.” “Just didn’t have The cameras on”

    86. ReaL Defuze

      Who else just wants to give flight a fresh cut

    87. Christopher Rahi

      Did he just call my homeboy Mychal Mulder a nobody 😡😡😡

    88. H I

      He mad 😭

    89. Jak Barz

      Bro u let faze rug beat u and u talking shit about the nets get in the nba then talk!

    90. Denver Kiner

      “their down by like 32 (nets 60/warriors 45) that’s not that much “😂😂

    91. Im Snagging Huh

      It’s makes my day to see how mad flight is at his boyfriend😂

    92. stephan denwood

      I have never witnessed someone with such poor basketball knowledge in my entire life, i thought this video was fake and this guy was acting.

    93. The Amazing Twins

      Flight is so mad that he is speaking “facts@

    94. Andrew Hall

      When he said there down by 32 and it was 45 to 60 like flight are you ok

    95. gunga


    96. aj exe


    97. aj exe

      iS fLiGhT oUt Of ToWn

    98. PartymanXD

      Soo what team is flight gonna switch to next?

    99. Zlatan Ozver

      Kyrie > curry

    100. Soar_Qwin_tt_yt

      At least you guys got harden