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    1. Efe E

      0.22 when flight was saying his into . Look at duke😂😂😂

    2. 1HunchoBoss

      them nigga gay, tf they clappin for

    3. Raza Siddiqui

      5:40 flight got crossed

    4. SelfishPluto

      Duke got Kobe escape equipped😭😂 2:30

    5. Takelya DuPont

      Hahaha flight you got yo sh*t sent 🤣 😂 🤪 😅 😆 💀

    6. BigBoyHen _YT

      *instant replays a layup*

    7. Jake from State Farm

      I love flight but it’s sad that I’m 13 and I can beat him

    8. PAS

      Daum flight kinda good now!

    9. Dee Rich

      Flight quite smoking fam you were doing great in the beginning


      Has anyone else realize that flight is replaying only his shots. What about my man duke

    11. iTrxlyGreenz

      You can tell duke wasn’t playing fr

    12. Rashaad Lafrance

      1v1 New Orleans

    13. KeSean Ellington

      One thing I respect about flight is even though he takes a lot of Ls in basketball but he still gets back up on his feet and try again I respect him for that 👑

    14. Rico

      Flight just forcing crazy shots

    15. [SGN] Kamikaze

      i hate how everytime he makes any shot it does some instant replay. he wasn't even really making any plays...

    16. pda38

      Flight September is one to REMEMBER 🔊

    17. Marques Robinson

      This is how many bricks flight shoot his entire career 👇🏾

    18. WingmanF

      Duke is perimeter lock 😂

    19. oHpno

      y’all gotta think that nigga smoke tree to don’t he, duke way more in shape in breathing situation anyway, cause I know I can’t go ball anymore the way I smoke. :/

    20. lilkid Tyrell

      Any gonna talk about Flight getting broke at 5:40?

    21. opac cally

      Flights defense is disappointing

    22. Clynk Yt

      Do a rematch against destroying

    23. thomas thomas

      Flight so weak as

    24. raggy yeye

      Flight cmon bruh. Like this comment if u beatin flight 1v1

    25. Hoodie Jordan

      Every time flight make a shot he always do a instant replay

    26. Archie James

      Flight ain’t won a one on one all year

    27. TheyLuhGardy -

      Flight actually snatch blocked duke when he “scored” the layup cameras was glitched tho

    28. RealMVP

      Flight makes other people look like curry ngl

    29. FlackaWacka

      Isn’t weird flight has the most clout but he’s trash

    30. ZWGaming Zz

      5:28 C'mon ball, kick his nuts.

    31. Austin Grant

      Flight stop giving him space

    32. Dayaaa 301


    33. Angie Morgan

      Flight 1v1 me im go in win.

    34. Abdell Sealey

      5:40 flight took flight 😂

    35. Jay Barnes


    36. Aidan Schlaich

      🤣🤣 that boy duke was toyin wit you and still got clapped😭😭

    37. Murphy LIM

      This man gives up to easily

    38. JPANDJL

      this nigga flihgt dont know how to jump for the rebounds hes mad tall and is so capable of getting all the boards but just never jumps or hustles for them

    39. TekkenBoy sqaud

      When flight was doing his intro y duke look so confused

    40. Kouno

      Slow ur game down completely flight u rushing thats why u cant dribble or shoot

    41. septakaz

      duke v cash🙂

    42. Ermiya 420

      How come Flight makes more money on his other channel with less subs than this

    43. All For Quan

      Flight has actually been scoring more from the 3. His form looks a lot better but he tends to forget his form later in game. Especially when pressed.

    44. RAG BAG

      2:18 Was a goaltend the ball was going down when he blocked it

    45. Alan Cruz

      1v1 leafy bro

    46. pickyy0shi


    47. Magna

      why do you be playin in these biased ass courts flight? you make a shot *silence* when he makes a basic ass layup they all be yellin and cheering like it is the NBA finals

    48. Riley Snell-dunn

      Flight once you get 99 stam u going to be all star level ❌🧢


      You’re letting do what ever on offense .

    50. Rion Rugova

      this a w for flight in my eyes

    51. Will_harris14

      Flight if you put on box and rebound chaser, you would win

    52. Chris Robinson

      Bro u so badd man

    53. Fernando Núñez

      That guy sucks bruh smh can’t shoot for nothing

    54. Me Me

      my boy getting better and better

    55. Robert Boyd

      I will destroy flight in a 1 v 1

    56. Super Soup

      How Duke won: execution

    57. Jose Juarez

      Flight was pump faking but the Cameras weren’t on

    58. dark penguinn

      on defense he gave Duke wide open looks even when Duke’s release is slow as all hell and he could’ve stopped all of his jumpers completely. His stamina is god awful he was gassed in two minutes. And he had a few wide open looks including two layups that he didn’t finish on. He totally could have won that.

    59. cloudy Subliminals

      React to speedway by p2

    60. cloudy Subliminals

      React to speedway by p2

    61. TEAM AYNE

      Bruh 12:05 was a carry

    62. Yung VibezZ

      Duke traveled tf

    63. Mavs Fan

      I swear flight gotta stop smoking huge a$$ BLUNTS before every game

    64. Mavs Fan

      “I have more athleticism than kawhi”-flight

    65. Dejaun Jones

      Flight low key did go nuts 😭💯

    66. Mythjokes -_-

      I want to see cashnasty and duke 1v1

    67. Ali Taha

      1v1 it a meme mario

    68. markycapalot

      2:10-2:25 FTC⬆️ flight team stand up, ay man flight that can’t happen bro, you gotta work on that🤦🏽‍♂️

    69. Isaiah Perez

      Yo Flight why u be hatin on Giannis fo huh???

    70. Henryy1k

      like my comment for flight to say “FTC members stand up in September” for next months intro!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    71. notredeym

      August Flight > June Flight

    72. Gucci sock man Shroyer

      Bro that camera didn't not glitch 😄

    73. Robert Bray


    74. shinymango mango

      Hey fly me out to 1v1 you I’m 15 I’m 5 foot 10 and I’ll still whoop you. your music is fire thou

    75. Venice

      The Lord is coming back. He loves you dearly and calls for you to come back home to Him. He calls for repentance and belief in the Gospel. It’s time to fully surrender to Christ. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

    76. Yasiin dior

      Flight stay getting glassed😂😂

    77. Zay goescrazy

      Just posted finish the flight reacts catchphrase or get slapped

    78. Caleb Frederick

      7:50 this man flight legit folded

    79. ً

      my brother in a 1v1 with flight, he would go up on him for no reason

    80. Alejandro Wang

      Flight inside scoring F,mid range C-,3pt B,PerimeterD B+,paint F,blocks F

    81. Katie McCormick

      He calls pg a lazy defender

    82. Katie McCormick

      Ur defense is the prob

    83. qopoy dnon

      Flights defense is beyond horrible he really just let Duke wipe his hand and score 😂😂1:24

    84. David Cappel

      Forget June Flight.... we need Duke Flight every vid

    85. Tomer Shor

      Yo FLIGHTTT I LOVE YOUR CONTENT BRO! could you maybe consider do a reaction video to my STREETBALL MIXTAPE kgup.info/get/k5adqIbFno6FlqE/video

    86. Tsar TV

      am i trash at 2k20? be honest

      1. qopoy dnon

        Flight get better kid

    87. Ack Logan

      Flight all oiled up just to get slid on

    88. iB Sw4gOut

      Mane flight built like he could be cold at basketball but shii that first layup was an and 1 duke 😂

    89. Clamp Shadow

      Bro can nobody see that duke is hacking the shit outta him

    90. ShelovesSev7n

      I like watching flight get his ass whipped 😂he give y’all wannabe ballin hope 💀😂😂

    91. Da RealKidd

      I see improvement👀

    92. Noah Daniel

      I have a intro for September. “Its been a year to remember, but its finally September!”

    93. Flight Is Hot

      Flight weaknesses - - - -

    94. Geraldine munguia


    95. Aj 2k

      1v1 Mario already

    96. Susan Witter

      Flight r u a smoker that indurance

    97. Space_jamx 23


    98. Ærian ŰQ

      Flight really out here with that ja morant typa body build

    99. Mighty Logster

      Happy birthday 🎂🎂

    100. SqwamiFN YT

      Flight get better kid