Flight - Off Poppin Gone (Official Audio)


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    1. Dat nigga Honcho

      cant wait till video drop

    2. Jayden expert

      had to come back big w

    3. Just Reacts

      Ur best song

    4. Edison De Jesus Rodriguez


    5. MILKE

      I been fing with this for a minute

    6. Adlay _

      Just came here for the hook 🔥🔥

    7. Super Seahawk

      Get this to a Milly!!!!

    8. yk lil tay

      “Till the sweat drip down my balls.” -Flight Reacts

    9. Merus


    10. Dae

      Here before tiktok finds this check v

    11. Red Gorilla04


    12. RANNIE

      Pls tell me this is not stolen lyrics too.

    13. Lycxn Chief

      Neil Armstrong reacts

    14. 2krocks#curryanddamionreacts

      clain here before 3mill milyl views!

    15. 2krocks#curryanddamionreacts

      claim here before 10 mil miyllyy views!

    16. 2krocks#curryanddamionreacts

      claim here before 1 mill y mily views here by liking!

    17. CX Magic

      The sweat drop down my balls im dyin

      1. CX Magic

        @NFL-_-Neo no

      2. NFL-_-Neo

        Do you know where that’s from

    18. StepBroDymire

      This bih fire 🔥

    19. Joseph


    20. bigdickadxtty

      Been here since day 1🏊🏼‍♂️

    21. bigdickadxtty

      the beat is fire plus flight on it🔥

    22. Vishwadeep Sonawane

      That hook is so groovy my G



    24. Fztk ls


    25. Shad Plays

      Who’s here

    26. Crispy Kareem


    27. TAKEN

      how is this not at a milly yet

    28. B4N DGZINN FF

      istaplayer brazilian free fire players thank you for the awesome music 🇧🇷

    29. SoloWay Cj

      This finna hit different in the summer 🔥🔥🔥🔥🎤🎧😎💯‼️

    30. Kindo Leaf

      Flight fan for life on god

    31. Guapo Myc

      tf, I was boutta use this beat


      I can laugh like a dolphin like flight

    33. DrizzyTheBeast

      First of all the beat is just giving me chill how it sound how they got that saxophone in the back with the beat🥶🔥🔥 Yo Flight do as you should grow bigger my guy✍🏽💪🏾

    34. AS - 08HK 775433 Pte Buckam Singh PS


    35. ひRudy


    36. Kobi Roberson


    37. David Jeter

      R&B type shit

    38. vincent 57

      Took fbp west and fbp moe stay the same beat😂 but song funny💯stay up

    39. Jotaro Kujo


    40. Christopher Gonzalez

      This sound way better when I’m high 😭😭😭

    41. crazycavsfan road

      Lets be real this song is trash and the lyrics make me laugh so hard but flight is just such a goat that i gotta keep listen to it

    42. Gopackgo614 -

      Fav flight song out rn

    43. Zaphy !


    44. Jayd3n

      Best flight song

      1. Gopackgo614 -

        Most def or heat Cheq

    45. Tech


    46. Jaylen Gladding


    47. Chillz wrld

      10 FEET REACTS

      1. Chris Fenner


    48. Jackson Fromm


    49. Only Slappers

      This beat hard

    50. Mario Gonzalez


    51. BTG Pop

      This Beat 🔥

    52. Gloober420

      shoreline type beat

    53. Cash cartiii

      aye flight should get a feature from uzi bro his music Savin us

    54. Nehemiah Anderson

      Now that I listen this nigga sound like Mike sherm 😭🤣 flight ho hard tho 🔥🔥

    55. kamilahandkevin wazeerud-din/Hayes

      Dis shit tuff🔥😈🔥😈

    56. Curry Stephen

      Sweaty balls reacts

    57. Yung Sky

      Best beat

    58. Bag Chaser


    59. Nathan Fox

      Who else here for the “BAWLLS” 😭

      1. DEMI GOD

        Ong bro😙

    60. Gazza2k

      Christmas banger

    61. xxkplaxkingxx

      0:25 ThE SweatDroP dOwN MY BaLLZ

    62. xxkplaxkingxx


    63. devin jones

      Flight keep making music like this he might be on the radio one day

    64. Cruz Castorela

      Fav song ❤️

    65. Chunkie

      DIS SHIIT FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    66. Janias Thomas

      I don’t get why y’all think flight is a “meme” rapper or he’s not serious about his craft 😂 you can hear the progression. FTC FLIGHT TEAM STAND UP!!!

    67. Frosty Ziggy

      Yessir FLIGHT FTC ON TOP

    68. Brian Torres

      music video ? please bro

      1. EZ Gaming

        Fr he shoulda made a music video 4 this instead of muggin that shit wack anyway

    69. Jose Lara

      He stole on e of my homies beats

    70. Imthatdude

      This his best song why we don’t have a video for this yet flight

    71. Nathaniel Periasamy


    72. Jahiem Watkis

      When is the music video

    73. Y B


    74. XstreamFlo SD

      W SONG

    75. MoistPepe

      i’m popping off

      1. MoistPepe

        from the windows to the walls

    76. Ryan Havens

      This 🔥

    77. Alex G

      This is the song I like most out of his so far

    78. Doug the Pug

      when flight actually make a banger.

    79. Alex G


    80. Vohzes

      Did the sweat to the balls caught anyone

    81. The squad


    82. SpazFamily

      Cuhhhhhhh RIPPP

    83. Tv kingmoney_13 ROBINSON

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 you’re so fire


      This beat slap

    85. Tereetha Searight

      Why does flight name his songs wrong

    86. Piano Sports

      R u going to post my guy??

      1. Mysterygamer MGClues

        He has another channel which he posts constantly.

    87. I AM CAM

      This beat💯

    88. Ashy YO!


    89. MOB 87

      This go to hard

    90. Bolo Sinia


    91. Daksh Thakur

      Fffffffiiiirreeeeeeeeeee.... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    92. elviskid20

      I used to just watch flight music cuz I like flight, but damn this is good

    93. AlexHarper Gaming

      Sound like Travis Scott with that autotune

      1. peanut

        Don't ever compare him to Travis Scott

    94. AlexHarper Gaming

      So this is what he’s talking about when he says flight, flight = astronaut

    95. Gaming With Vegeta

      Why this actually fire👀💯

    96. TLN Kai

      FTC is legendary yo it is February 🔥🐬

    97. mark aratom

      Get low by ying yang twinz hook stolen damn

    98. Elite_Unknown

      This is fire

    99. SM1

      Beat go hard 🔥🔥

    100. Musa Kajtezovic