FlightReacts Los Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers - Full Game Highlights | July 30, 2020!


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    1. Kevin Keene

      flight has the lowest IQ of anyone ever

    2. Shwinny

      Flight: lebron has a selfish mentality, he’s not passing the ball Also flight a few vids later: LEBRON YOU HAVE TO STOP PASSING THE BALL

    3. Death Block

      This is how you know Flight is just a Lebron hater in the finals against the heat he got mad that Lebron passed to Green now your mad because he didn't pass

    4. vext_ pumpz

      “Irish spring green greennnnnnnnna”

    5. Amandeep Begol

      hes flippin lebron aint nobody benching him

    6. Jamar Jolly

      The blazers tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    7. Bake To Higgins

      Flight I know damn well you didn’t just say you’d bench LEBRON JAMES for 5 games because he won the game for your team.

    8. Jakese Wilkerson

      You should really make a AAU team💯💯💯

    9. Ashley Williams

      at least kawhi dont lose to kids in a 1 v 1 lol

    10. ツMxxd

      lebron jersey? u not slick

    11. Ryan Domingo


      1. Xander Wahlberg

        Bro he said LeBron should have passed to Danny Green

    12. ianh capo

      flight explaining a give and go is so funny

    13. Klutch boocat

      Yessir blazer nation

    14. CJ Sarinas

      First NBA bubble Game: LeBron takes the shot: LeBron that's ballhog mentality, selfish. NBA Finals Game 5: Also Flight: LeBron passes: Legends like MJ, Kobe will take that shot.

    15. Rama_The_Noob

      Has a lebron jersey on

    16. Liquid Alpha

      thats swett my g flight

    17. AD - 09ZZ 679679 David Leeder MS

      Anyone notice he warring a lebron jersey

    18. Aiden T

      Flight with a Lebron jersey😳

    19. Ranier Holmes

      he hates on lebron but he has his jersey on

    20. Clintford Castillo

      bandwagon reacts

    21. FrankWillTV

      13:33 “Green is open” fans coming back after Finals game 5......

      1. Lucas đuťť reãçțs


    22. Jeff Andre Limbaga

      That's sweat flighy

    23. Phillipians 4:13

      13:33 danny green known for shooting 3s

    24. G KING

      LOL whos here after doc rivers got fired?

    25. Dylan Roberts

      I just noticed flight wearing a lebron Jersey

    26. TheTop10

      " George George George George George, no foul get a haircut bro " lmaoo

    27. Lil_ Leru10

      Do be honest flight lowkey would be a good coach

      1. Lil_ Leru10

        @Xander Wahlberg nah think about it

      2. Xander Wahlberg

        I hope your kidding

    28. Gabe Boomer

      “Juvaylee” 😂😂

    29. Buddy.843 -

      Bruh said “1.2 pga” 💀

    30. Aaron Albrecht

      Someone uploaded a video on the wrong Channel

    31. Justice Clayton

      U gone bench LeBron for 5 games ? Ok u won’t be coaching for long

    32. Justice Clayton

      Anyone: scores Flight: OMG that defense is trash 😳

    33. Abdul is juicy

      Baby on the way

    34. The Warrior

      Frank Fogel wants Lebron to take the last shot

    35. Koob Yaaj

      Why you LeBron games Jersey I thought you were a curry fan.

    36. Dallas Frasier

      14:51 my mans said ring around the duck duck goose thing😂😂😂

    37. Nicolas Aragon

      Bro everyone do that follow there shot

    38. Donkey Kong

      LeBron passes: Flight: LeBron scared LeBron keeps it Flight: LeBron is such a ball hog

    39. deezen magar

      What is he smoking

    40. Zombie Strippers

      Anyone notice he’s wearing a LeBron jersey

    41. PLXlook FC

      Gky u r the most annoying person ever y u even alive u r so bad at basketball

    42. PLXlook FC

      U sure give advise for being the worst basket ball player ever

    43. PLXlook FC

      Flight is worse then a below casual athlete

    44. Dayaaa 301


    45. Karim Diallo

      Flight you lost to faze rug and you think you the best like wdym first of all you lost to faze rug bro like how then you comparing yourself to the claw bro and your saying your a better athlete then him like bruh it’s the claw he is the better athlete then you for sure and stop saying your better and saying "that’s my type of dunk" or "that’s my type layup" or shot like how you can’t do anything like bruh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 and also a 7year old is probably better than you 😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    46. Jeremiah Blaylock

      Flight no fear August is hereeee

    47. The berber

      "Javalee magie"

    48. Goonsta

      Says lebrons trash has his jersey on 😑

    49. pickyy0shi


    50. dylan floyd

      “Thinks he’s nice” Shut up flight, they in the NBA and hr in ur apartment

      1. Lucas đuťť reãçțs

        Well I mean hes as rich as them

    51. Vian2Cold


    52. Lila Stroup

      Lol anyone see Bronny react to this

    53. Clorox Bleach

      flight really thinks they watch his 1v1’s 😂

    54. Aquafeena

      Why is he such a hater? And he thinks he’s better than them wtf. I get some jokes but he just hating to hate

    55. Bryce cedrick Tongko

      Go clippers I’m there fan!!!!!!!

    56. Dwayne Hernandez

      Professional nba players doing good moves Flight: he stole that move from me (bruhhhh nobody watch ur highlights bruh😂😂)

    57. Rifzy YT

      Both the basketball teams watch this like 👁👄👁

    58. Rifzy YT

      Flight: Comenteder chill it was a a casual dunk by lebron Me: dying 🤣🤣😂

    59. Justice Foster

      Flight is talking shit about LeBron but he’s wearing his jersey

    60. James Negron

      Yo play me in football I’m 16

    61. Sol Hill

      A good slogan for August could be " we flawless in August"

    62. FGS Minto

      2:35🤣 causal 🤦🏽‍♂️

    63. chochong

      Nba player: *Does a move similar what flight do* Flight: he stole my move 😂😂

    64. Nico Cuellar


    65. Nico Cuellar

      14:46 agian with 6 seconds?????????????

    66. Nico Cuellar

      12:40 That hurt my ears

    67. xxLIVINGDEADSxx

      Who else agree that he talks to much

    68. Vlad Jurma

      Danny green was on pg bro

    69. FUKARI

      correct me if I'm wrong, did he just : - made fun of javale when he not even in the NBA?! (and also called his name wrong) - say the Blazers gon be in the finals? - kenny smith on the lakers? - dion waiters not NICE? i ain't even gon complete the list, he just basically said he's better than everyone he just watched play. lol maybe even high school players here in the Philippines can wipe you off the map

    70. demo cyber

      Ima put my kid on flights team

    71. k4te

      React to S Tier by Imdontai:)

    72. Δημήτρης Δημέρτικα

      You know shit about basketball

    73. Braden McWreath

      He just called Lou Williams a nobody 😐

    74. PierreBinBoppinK

      Bro flight not everything is your move...

    75. Roci J

      How does flight where a lebron jersey and hate on him please Explain

    76. Demond Markhume

      they did not take your move

    77. Ben H

      man !!! u delusional!!!! idk how i like u so much

    78. Xdisturb

      This was very entertaining

    79. Charles Gregorio

      I'm more athletic than kawhi He says😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    80. OGD Clan

      Flight u ain’t athletic

    81. Flare IOS

      is it even possible to get a gpa lower than 1.2 💀

    82. DwoodsTV

      Flight your new rhyme should be. “Why you lie it’s not July, you know that’s tuff it’s august.”

    83. Deadra Cottrell

      Did yall see lebron James bald spot.

    84. Stankboy 146

      Do I think u can beat j.cole tho

    85. Prince sol

      Lenard is a lefty bruh

    86. Nazerith Spates

      flight play me in a 1v1 and if you win you can keep smoking but if i win you have to stop smoking for the rest of the year

    87. youre next08

      This man is dumber than the dumbest kid in kindergarten you feel me?

    88. Johnny Ruiz

      No 2.0 gpa bs 🤣

    89. Stray Jack

      Bro this dude dreamy he's tripping hard,like what you on ,makin statements like that

    90. Price Xfamily

      Imagine wearing a lebron shirt but hates on him all the time😂😂😂🤣

    91. saint_ aspects

      He has to smoke before all of his videos or he says this stuff on purpose

    92. Trinity Onadeko

      Everyone : Flight has a LeBron jersey? Me: He has a LeBron jersey?

    93. Vxlidgreenz __

      11:22 tbh I thought it was one too but it’s his sweat with the reflection of the lights

    94. AmazingGamer

      I think I lose brain cells every time I watch flight

    95. techno BRUH

      stoooopid flight

    96. Haofeng zhen

      If you bench Lebron for the next five game for doing that then you will get fired for that Stupid

    97. Renan Ribeiro

      This crackhead really believe he's more athlethic than kawhi... o.o

    98. Kawhigod2

      Your a nobody

    99. Paul Hollon

      “Lakers are lucky” clinched the #1 seed in the West already lol