1V1 Rematch Against Brianna Green!


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    1. gamingwithrobertray


    2. Tijani Fowora

      Flight actually tried,so close to winning mannn

    3. Vameenboy :D

      Ur bad flightreacts

    4. Catgurlz2YT

      lol she was trolling so hard. poor flight

    5. ThisManQ-C

      Congrats on your victory........ in the future.

    6. MysteryMrR

      Her homegirl got some cakes

    7. Timkondo

      I wish I could play 1v1 with this girl and show flight how to play 1v1

    8. Timkondo

      Bruh I would cook this girl

    9. Shilendra Tikaram

      Flight need to stop play B-ball I’m sorry son but u have to retire

    10. Stephen Jones

      Flight please quit basketball

    11. iSilvxrr-

      WNBA would be much cooler if these ladies were in there

    12. Imran Dervisic

      bruh my guy flight read her game. she always cross on one side only

    13. Drew

      Follow the 10 commandments Christians and ask for forgiveness

    14. Mac Spazzz

      Wtf she got tight handles gold playmaking shot creator

    15. Sean Miguel Baez

      That game was so close man what a defensive effort from Flight

    16. A Hooper's Journey


    17. L至高D -

      June been a rough month

    18. I’m The Man 321

      Get this man off the court bruh 😂😂😂

    19. I’m The Man 321

      This mans shot is so ugly 😂😂😂

    20. Ex0tic Twon

      Flight learn how to use dat height advantage nd post ppl up look how tall u is compared to her 🤦🏾‍♂️

    21. Mobile Sports Machine


    22. Dallas Banks

      Why he play like this 🤦🏾‍♂️

    23. ProcardcollecterAndGamer

      That girl is not even that good 😂 she can barely shoot and she is weak as hell body that dishwasher

    24. Malachi Lee

      Why does Flight instant replay the most simple shots? 😂

    25. Christian Ludes

      He low key trash

    26. Ana Ortiz

      Flight are you staying in Cali?

    27. Beams S

      Why does flight always were that white shirt

    28. Tyler Housman

      stop shooting threes

    29. Agus Gasco

      Brianna really be having no left

    30. hooman_235


    31. Calvin McVey

      flight would go gay for curry

    32. Roc A

      Flight shoots jumpers bcuz he too tired to go to the rack

    33. Roc A

      Whats with the pockets out situation? Looks stupid, especially when you are still getting dropped off

    34. Waaggga1

      I’m coming back in 5 years

    35. Jamar Cody

      I didn’t know who to put my money on

    36. Angel Nava

      Whoever filming is trash

    37. Alexzander Youtube

      This guy sucks lmao

    38. Jantsan Munkhjargal


    39. C M

      simps in the back:O-ohH mY gOd

    40. C M

      we come here for flight and all we watching is bri

    41. SG - 07TL 757437 David Leeder MS

      The intro is 🔥

    42. Sergio Canu

      Bro who recording oh my I don't watch this shit

    43. Alex Priscsepa

      Bro why you tryhard on a girl.

    44. MEDO Abuobaid

      Who is that other camera women tho

    45. Darcy Truong

      Flight man you really gotta start jumping for the block with your height advantage man. It really annoys me when he just stands there and puts his hand up instead of getting the easy block.

    46. KolbZ

      Stop playing on these rims and attack the basket more

    47. Zakaria Ghomri

      nah flight camerawoman is thick

    48. atkris


    49. Leon and Jakob Productions

      Wait who is she

    50. Joseph Burt

      I like how he spelled halftime

    51. Attie Rodolo

      So many misses

    52. Ok Or something

      Flight “Why you lie it’s July” record: 0-1

    53. MarvinTBF

      Never seen flight win a game😅 Keep it going bruhh💪🏾💪🏾📈

    54. Logan Knudsen

      Sorry I was distracted by the girl in the back who won

    55. Chrissy Williams

      play against paige bueckers

    56. YAHAWAH’S ELECT 144

      Y’all know them kids dat run on da court when you down on da other side that’s what it feel like when you watch flight

    57. Saleh Yahya


    58. Ivan Flores

      Its crazy how flight was at 2mill a month ago and he 4 mill

    59. Justin

      why did this pop up in my inbox AN HOUR AGO like what?!

    60. Sly Genics

      Not one single 1 on 1 match I've watched thus far that this guy has won? I'm so confused??

    61. Luka Sojic

      You really need better cameraman

    62. Daryon Charleson

      Skipped to the end to see how much flight lost by

    63. Jody Thurman

      Am I the only one who wants to play flight 1v1?

    64. Jay

      13:35 nigga slowed it down and made his travel more obvious 😭

    65. Rashad Milligan

      Flight wind's getting better

    66. Xavier Stephens

      Did anybody notice that he traveled

    67. Cheemster


    68. Mr. Welch

      This dude cannot play.

    69. Impractical Joker

      The girl Brianna got handles 🏀, ok👍 Flight you trash I'm sorry bruh Stay taking Ls like c'mon what's the excuse it's to hot?🥵 Losing to females bruh jenna bandy too smh get better kid. You needa start doing instant replays on ya opponents rather then yaself.🤦‍♂️🤣

    70. Kavan Henry

      You are no good at all

    71. yyoungdj 2

      Can y’all go fwm first 1v1 video nothing serious we was just bored 😂

    72. Nick :D

      Who’s the shawty in the background recording tho?

    73. Christopher Dominguez

      Irish spring green green

    74. ツExoctics

      flight sucks

    75. Reilly M

      It’s July why u lieee

    76. Zach Messaros

      I didn't know u stole lyrics from Paperchasinj

    77. Andrew Roberts

      Hey what's the song in the background??

    78. Nao Baller

      y do ppl watch his vids?? for me, its boring on a next level watching average players play

    79. Nathan Dompreh

      kgup.info/get/aniLd46lmGporX8/video 終わりました

    80. Lathan Roberts

      If your reading this take your time think about what your gonna do just let your mind do the thinking in let your body do the work

    81. Deuces Wild

      That's easier a good video flight. You stepped ya game up crazy. I see you got Stef, there too. I like this flight, looked like you stopped smoking and got ya gains up.

    82. Simas GE

      He loses after everyone even a girl

    83. Broadcasting Live Action

      kgup.info/get/dpuriXbSaY1tfGo/video flight

    84. Brandon Chee

      You improved.. But still trash af..

    85. Shaun Robinson

      Who misses the old flight

    86. Shawn King

      Baby girl loves to travel I peeped. It wouldn’t had mattered 🤣🤣🤣

    87. Tylar Reynolds

      Im reconzing the boys in the back cheering for flight when he going against a girl whe nice and all but come on now.

    88. Lol Lol

      Congrats for 4 mil

    89. Brenda Whelan

      13:31 how is that not a travel

    90. Jiraya

      You trash bro

    91. Nikki Pusser

      Flight keeps on stealing lyrics and listen to the excuses he had to say. Watch rages new video lol.

    92. shits getting real

      battle of the trashcans

    93. Ali Alzowaini

      She’s good not worthy of flights time

    94. Ali Alzowaini

      Omg that’s sad

    95. Ali Alzowaini

      He’s so trash he got to go against girls

    96. Gaud Dam

      I dare you to 1v1 the professor

    97. Juey.

      React to Rey Lewis biggest hits

    98. T r i s t a n

      Btw my bday today sub if you want

    99. T r i s t a n

      Stop forcin shots flight

    100. Koffee_Black 95

      Shit what park they playin at niggas lowkey deep out that bih lol I'm on vacation in LA and ain't nobody hooping 😂