Flight - Phat Foreign (Official Audio)


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    1. Melissa Albright

      Mike sherm vibes

    2. BionicallyAComputer


    3. YounGxd

      0:25 USED TO WHAT?!

    4. Alberto Acosta

      This man copied n paste mike Sherm damn smh

    5. Xaivier Mayfield-Nash


    6. TLN Kai

      FTC is legendary yo it is February 🔥🐬

    7. Zaywheezy

      I fw flight but why he social distancing from the beat tho 💀

    8. khylyn calder

      he stole this from mike sherm feel me see look kgup.info/get/hYirm6GOeJuOooM/video

    9. Khool Kidd

      Ok my boi

    10. Xaivier Mayfield-Nash

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ballin so hard I might get drafted to the los Angeles Clippers Bars 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    11. Logan Dreyer

      Man really stole bars from mike sherm

    12. Floyd Love

      Mike Sherm did it first

    13. vivian tiago

      if you’re gonna use someone else’s lyrics at least give them credit or something🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    14. Jacob Lehn

      So did they know they were ghostwriting for you?

    15. CeeSupreme

      Anyway, stream Mike Sherm “Feel Me” since this is who the song inspired by.

    16. Lil Kay9


    17. jaylenxavi

      Bro you stole this song word for word

    18. Mizion Hunter


    19. AImtheking -

      Second part goes


      This is my fav of the album

    21. KarmaLovesRae

      You might’ve did sum on dis one🤯

    22. lastupido

      bro if you stole like one or two bars from mike sherm you could've passed it off as a coincidence, but you stole multiple sets of 4 bars smh

    23. Reborn Gaming

      Stop stealing lyrics and your songs might actually be good

    24. Fable Music Productions

      Wtf dude all the way from 0:21-0:40 is all stolen from Mike sherms song feel me wuts wrong wit u man u was actually fire to🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    25. SFC fight pass

      Can’t believe he dropped a whole album lmao flight is dominating the KGup game I remember solluminati was taking over but when he disappeared flight took everything and shares with cash or cash would be gone to tbh

    26. JGGreene 10


    27. Blown Motorboat

      I like his reaction videos but I don't think rappin is this mans career😂

    28. Mj the jit

      Flight stop copying mike Sherman lyrics

    29. Omar Carmona

      This guys stole Mike Sherms lyrics from his song “feel me” 😂 but I mean is coo

    30. StopMyCombo

      Stealing lyrics from danny213?

    31. Malskim

      Super Saiyan rose flight

    32. Jmac

      Ma boi really took ma nigga mike sherm lyric 💀💀

    33. eli tha goat baa

      Damn he really stealing mike sherms shit

    34. SlimeB

      Man look at flight so inspirational

    35. Elena Burgos

      mans liked mikes bars so much he stole themmm

    36. Yung_Amr

      this song fire

    37. Chucky T

      All yall blinded by the beat. Listen to the lyrics. The lyrics are from other peoples songs. He used girlhefunny whole freestyle for one song.

      1. Chucky T

        Then why did you reply? Hmmm... just saying

      2. The Simp Police • 5 years ago

        Nobody cares tho🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️


      Flight hard asf idc what nobody say

      1. TK KIDDYURO

        Why are you even thinking like that?

      2. The Simp Police • 5 years ago


    39. Yk KennyYT


    40. 5.7 VIRUS


    41. 5.7 VIRUS


    42. 5.7 VIRUS


    43. 5.7 VIRUS


    44. 5.7 VIRUS


    45. 5.7 VIRUS

      Listen to #MikeSherm. FEEL ME ....you,ll understand

      1. Ryryissmall


    46. Esmi Medina

      why waste the beat

    47. HezziVertical

      Y’all saying his songs bad but he raps just like blueface 😐

    48. GreenupSway

      Claim your "Here before 1 Milly Milly" ticket Here

    49. jeereemiee

      this nigga stole mike sherm’s bars tho🤦🏽‍♂️

    50. nfl cash

      This mans BACK AT IT AGAIN stealing somebody lyrics on this song

    51. Elijah Bell

      Stealing so much FUCKING lyrics that I heard from the last guy

    52. Albert Sylvia

      Blueface vibes, insane!!!!!!

    53. Badrawy


    54. Lashawn OTWG

      Mightiest well put whole album on 2k21🤩🤩

    55. Vonnie Prod.

      Copied Lyrics ?

    56. Imagine Losing

      Flight I fucking love you bro but Mike sherm its cool its only 2 bars tho

    57. Jaleel Bostic

      That norbit bar hit hard

    58. Nikusha

      Do yall realize that flight stole mike sherm and chasinpaperj's lyrics.

      1. dad 4123

        2 lines but sure, and the other song idk it was ass and no wonder it did if he stole them

      2. Nikusha

        @I_Txnyy_I no hate flight is hella funny,but he steals lyrics everytime he makes a song.

      3. I_Txnyy_I

        and stole from girlhefunnyaf💀🤦🏿‍♂️

    59. Football Tv

      This hit

    60. YouTuber 10

      Mike Sherm feel me Who he stole bars from go listen to the song

    61. tu madre is a milf

      Copying mike sherm’s “feel me” song but still respect you flight

    62. Chino Smokes


    63. NoHxps

      He stole lyrics from this guy kgup.info/get/YpaKe42opK-HeqU/video

    64. NoobMaster exe

      These new tracks fire flight

    65. luis_da_eyeball

      Flight funny but stealing from mike sherm? 😪

    66. TheGoat999

      if flight steals your lyrics they aren’t yours anymore you just sampled them for him. they’re like ghostwriters but not ghosts

    67. angel da goat Velazquez

      Y’all plz listen to feel me by Mike sherm

    68. Logan Melendez

      Bro this man love stealing lyrics

    69. Solluminati’s Burner

      Bro stole Mike Sherm lyrics. Look it up: Mike Sherm - Feel Me

    70. DGTL Santana

      When flight thought he could take mike sherms bars word for word😂go look at “feel me” by him

    71. BlueBlade _19


    72. Jhames

      Great flight

    73. A Mr. Q

      Lame ass stealing lyrics

    74. Carl Johnson

      Off beat

    75. Fang

      Can you guys share this around so flight can react to it kgup.info/get/ZoqtdHuYh4dpfHc/video

    76. Dainell Woodbey

      I'm fuck wit all these songs flight really onna come up🗣🗣💯

    77. Wok Deuce

      FLIGHT STOLE MY LYRICS!!🤦🏽‍♂️ PROOF kgup.info/get/YpaKe42opK-HeqU/video

    78. SpankyVro

      girlhedunnyaf lyrics, I THINK SOOOOO

    79. RobloxMan

      Did this dude rlly just steal from mike sherm 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    80. Drizz Ed


    81. Gambino 1500

      Yall cant tell me this nigga dont sound like Lil B basedgod

    82. Alexx O'Brian

      I made a remix to Flight's Sum Video kgup.info/get/o4R9dITZaKWfhHc/video Check it out

    83. Gavin Rivera

      Stole lyrics

    84. Gavin Rivera

      Stole lyrics

    85. Striker MD

      Flight stealing lyrics huh? kgup.info/get/l4eogmqVo4CkfXc/video

    86. Gray Vues

      yo why half these lyrics stolen from ya feel me by mike sherm?🤔

    87. Zz Cuh


    88. ItamiNoKami

      This is the best out of da album so far

    89. Reborn nuns


    90. Jaik

      0:50 that flow was hard 😳😳😳

    91. yxngboimeech_

      Nice song once again

    92. Leafy

      Man built himself as zamasu LMAO

    93. Manuel Caballero


    94. jaswag1812


    95. Malachi David

      Stole the whole song from mike sherm and girlhefunnyaf ts so lame‼️

      1. Orlando Maldonado

        who even cares at least flight makes it popular

    96. R B


    97. The Worm

      His hooks so good but his verse is choppy asf if he could just flow with the beat better his shit would be fucking flamessss

    98. ShotByAk

      Like y would you not replay this song? 🔥🔥

    99. Tomas Vergara

      Flight inspirational 💯

    100. ItsKosmo

      Ya feel me by Mike sherm listen to this then that lemme know if you catch anything