Flight - Disingenuous (Official Music Video)


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    1. Iván Rodriguez


    2. Sxrlar

      Imagine dislike

    3. Supreme Santa

      Best flight song

    4. Golden Hour Sports Network

      7 months to the date

    5. bball mix

      Flight for president

    6. kobejsclips

      yo i only like the beat man the lyrics are pretty ass

    7. Baby Treyten

      BANGER :D

    8. Tey


    9. Ckele 2803

      anyone listening in march 2021?

    10. onlydots-

      Rip von

    11. 23fulgerb Unknown

      this a fuckin banger

    12. Ninja Jj

      I’m scarred for the rest of my life-

    13. Lai Manu

      Look at flight man,so inspirational

    14. yeyoflow beat

      Flight is president of youtube

    15. Amber Whetstine

      Yooooooooooo this shot slappps :):):)::):):):):

    16. Isaiah Day

      Fr tho. This shit do to hard.

    17. vjflem

      Asian Persuasion

    18. CX Magic

      This fye tho

    19. AllDrip

      This is so fire

      1. Jabari Cambridge


    20. JAW The Gamer

      look at jake webber it has the same beat

    21. Timothy Stamps

      Soooooo inspirational

    22. Corey Davis

      Yessir omg get it flight . 👌🔥🔥🎵😎

    23. Supreme Santa

      Ion care what nobody say... This song catchy.

      1. Jabari Cambridge


    24. uvuboy446

      awh fuck itsfire

    25. Amanda Johnson


    26. DavidTTG

      Damn this go hard no cap

    27. Cappo Fry

      I’m not a fan but keep hoopin Nd rappin

    28. Cappo Fry

      Flight team stand up

    29. FULITO

      00:30 he just had to do it 😂😂😂

    30. Will Marple

      Great work Flight

    31. Smeesy

      Her eyes are big asf no cap

    32. AverageStarAthlete

      Ngl the first 10 seconds of this vid were crispy

    33. Y B


    34. T R A S H 新 ドラゴン

      Imagine this was on 2k music

    35. Toshio Vang

      I think it’s the girls that made ppl watch the other one more

    36. Cory Travis

      Flight:man this girl disingenuous cant lie she a genius

    37. Killian Saadé

      When you've learned a new word in English class

    38. KeyboardKatt

      0:21 "Mommy said no more youtube." "I cry but she don't care even made me give up my yummy grape juice, then she told me to go to my room and study, so i did study, but i got a B+ no iphone no more happy, someone please help me" btw its from tiktok

    39. dick dick

      shits heat ong

    40. Azania Gover


    41. Deivis Llakaj


    42. Martavious Miller

      He killed this

    43. Steffan Powell

      We can’t like this beat slaps 👋

    44. Wanda Allen

      Im going to watch it if its lit im happy

    45. TTV jack


    46. Devyn A. Coleman, II

      Her ies cough me of gard

    47. Wolf Dazer

      idgaf but the beat is stolen

    48. Juan Jose Mendez

      if a famous rapper sing this song this would be the best song of the century

    49. LYB B

      Right now lol but I'm going not sure

    50. Najee

      Me looking for drea



    52. The Kid Peep


    53. b_bones

      This song slaps

    54. tyler herro

      song sucks

    55. Jayden Evans

      Bro alll if flights shit slaps

    56. Scrappy Ninja

      Nice plug flight Lol 1:52

    57. Ebra1

      Why the Asian version better tho

    58. Isaiah Benitez

      Every time i here dis I laugh jus cause it’s flight😂😂

    59. Ashtonシ

      This hit hard 🔥

    60. Tyler Martin

      I thought there was gonna be a ad in the middle of the video 😂

    61. Viell

      The beat though

    62. The recipe Stuff

      Fuck Mars we in Venice 🌍👾💯🤐

    63. Xandy Mota


    64. NO FAVOPS


    65. Bradley Kids

      Flame 🔥 🚒

    66. Ghoulster Cruz

      dude got that NLE type flow

    67. NFL Highlights


    68. Davis Ginn

      I mean I hate to admit it but this is better than most rap music nowadays.

    69. Mantas Alekna

      80%sex 15%rap 5% you made rap god scared

    70. Kryptic-zanx

      WHY THE HELL IS THIS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    71. Octaivous smith

      Song funny as hell 😂

    72. NFL Highlights


    73. ege 308

      NGEE EWA

    74. Ahmad Freeman


    75. dope bwoy

      Took the Mexicans kids bars again for the second time write your own bars fool 😅😅

    76. Anthony Palma

      Ngl this might make my playlist.


      bruh who else is listening to this in 2021 because this song is fiiiiiiirrrrrrreeeeee

      1. Ahmad Freeman


    78. LGolem

      "Alien reacts"

    79. E Thues

      Yooo listen closely my nigga said "Tooka"

    80. C4 Visions

      This beat slaps harder than a kar in cod ❌🧢

    81. Life of Bamba

      Why he have to copy rjmrla ride with me👎🏽😂

    82. Elizabeth Medina


    83. Elizabeth Medina

      Michael Jordan and Jerry

    84. Laneric Holmes

      I wonder what was going through his head when he made this song

    85. Reptile ZoO

      im starting to think he is a off brand comethizine lol

    86. Cornelius Malone

      Flight to me sound like Megan thee stallion if she was dude😂😂😂😂

    87. jason noah

      like it i play it on speaker

    88. jason noah


    89. the huddie


    90. Xander Wilson

      When he says “she’s a genius twice I’m thinking why flight and then that’s when it’s become a hard song

    91. Bob Boy

      Wait until he realises he pronounced disingenuous wrong

    92. Lerq

      songs going in my tage

    93. Zsharkboy

      he stole the beat to this song lmao lol jkfghksdjhfjhd hehe hahaaha he a jokester what a buffoon but love you my man flight ftc #flightteamstandup # inspirational #irishgreengreengreen #lookatcurryman

    94. Kwabenia Pauley

      Who's beat did he sample?! I can not think of it.

    95. DaBoss Douglas


    96. DaBoss Douglas

      anyone has a problem with flight got a problem with me

    97. DaBoss Douglas


    98. Max De Boom

      He sounds pretty good without auto tune. Ain’t that bad actually.

    99. Michael Schroeder

      I j came here for 0:29-0:35

    100. _ Gumzy_

      Song is kinda slept on... like if gunna made this it would make top 100

      1. Dayshawn Fields - The Ball Pundit