Flight - Muggin (Official Music Video)


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    by: Mike Gonsolin
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    1. City Bob


    2. Da Potato

      Juuunnee flighhtttt

    3. Da Potato

      Zaddy flight

    4. Da Potato

      So fkn fine

    5. Sailguns

      I can’t tell if I dislike this so ... I guess I Ike it ??

    6. poope j

      This shit trash

    7. Stephen Curry


    8. Evan McDowell

      Greatest. Of. All. Time.

    9. Deleon Grant

      “Just chill niggas ain’t on nothing” 🔥🔥

    10. Steven Brown


    11. HeizenberG Heists

      Ddooo doooo

    12. WOAH JL

      This makes comethazine look like Walmart flight

    13. THEYENVY. KI

      Big ahh head

    14. East Coast Flipper

      Lowkey flight makes good music

    15. Decoya Slaughter

      Flight coming hard this year💯🤘🏾

    16. Lambo Ju


    17. Kimberley Amber

      Haha flight tooo funny 😅😂

    18. Ndifor Ginyui

      HOF School Threat

    19. AlbinoRhyno16

      Came from crpyt youtube rapper tier list and how much u pay him for that ranking ? ur definitely a tier D youtube rapper

    20. Super Rhino Bros

      I really like this song and his videos are so dope

    21. ray vision

      Yo he had curry on da back of his shirt

    22. Jackman Tail

      Yo yu should’ve stared rapping way before cuz yu sound good



    24. Jay Gas

      On of my favorite songs

    25. RopeGod510_


    26. Mah Dood

      0:29 wow that girl is so attractive 😂😐

      1. Noah lewis


    27. mk 03 -_-

      Flight need to move his big ass head tho but 🔥🤣


      flight is toooo fireeee

    29. XfactorDJ

      Low key tho, I like how this one that actually sounds good doesn’t get as many views as his other shit.

    30. Jacoby Scott

      Was he off a perc

    31. F B I

      Flight be disturbing the peace in school

    32. crafty boi melon

      Teen wolf high school anyone

    33. David Foster

      Miss my sponge 🧽 🙏🏽

    34. Aleksander k

      this mans waves wack xD

    35. GoldenSkii Games

      Reminds me of the early 2000s music videos

    36. Davionte Little

      This look like one of those 2010 or 11 music video That's made in a school

    37. Shamone Music

      Why this so fire

    38. Toe sucker 9000

      Reminds me of 2011

    39. Dokiyboddy

      That’s a 👋🏼 er

    40. Portugal Johnny


    41. Mr.SlimJim

      Then eyes

    42. Afram Jakobsson

      DAMN where can u buy that white nike sweater

    43. sanity lol

      tell me why flight look like comethazine lil sped brother

    44. :/

      1:31 sus asf

    45. PfizerInc1

      Who is the girl at 0:29 find her instagram or whoever she is please

      1. Retro JB

        She is 😬

    46. ME

      This sounds like it should be on radio los santos

    47. DJ Coin Laundry

      Bro real rappers don’t even say the N word this much. You know how many white fortnite kids think they got a pass to sing this? Smh shits mid

      1. Retro JB

        Bro Flight can say it as much as he want he black😂🤷🏾‍♂️

    48. Felix Li

      Bro I'm scared of this guy

    49. AlditoTTV NLB

      This is trash

      1. Jahki Murray

        Let’s hear your song

    50. E Wok

      He better then blue face 🔥🔥🔥


      Why you look homless


      Flight you look like a junkie not just talking shit I'm trying to be 100id

    53. Erick Sifuentes

      flight always has to be so but like soo crazzzzzzyyyyyyyy asssfff but song cool tho lol

    54. Erick Sifuentes

      flight always crazzy asff like dam

    55. ToNeBLUE17 SWEATY


    56. Kristo Mere

      this video edit was so lit no cap


      Hall Of Fame School Threat😂

    58. Aj Massey

      This have high quality

    59. Didyouspwndrob1

      This man went from reacts to rap 🔥

    60. auzie


    61. Wide-Wan Kenobi

      This song is so bad he makes lil pump valid

      1. Look at curry man, so inspirational

        This song is better than your life kid

    62. Father Flocka

      This would’ve been a hit in the newboyz era

    63. Slim Reaper


    64. Shamone Music

      Actually has production value

    65. santi9go

      Dreeahh big mad rn 🥶😈🤷🏽‍♂️

    66. 汉字Yoshi


    67. Frozen. kylyn

      2:39 when mom sees my grades😟

    68. Caleb Freeman

      All I’m saying is flight can make a hook he need features that shit would be heat

    69. sharky the gamer

      Bro do this kina sound like a diss to his ex?

    70. Razor

      Flight be like:👁👄👁

    71. ninoupie


    72. Aaron Dominguez

      I thought this was a Airheads commercial

    73. Youngeen Mike

      Flight trash a basketball

      1. Jahki Murray

        He would blow you out tho

    74. Jaden Sutherland

      this the best music video of all time 🤣🤣🤣

    75. Archurro

      Imagine making a song thinking it’s a bop and FaZe Rugs Going Live still goes harder.

    76. Dejay Boss

      This the old teen wolf set 🔥

    77. Tristan Phipps

      Really went off with the video quality ✌️

    78. ЯΛΤВΟΠΞS

      is he not to old to be in a school?

      1. Barrack Obamium

        In a highschool yeh college no

    79. FB Polar WHT

      So sicko mode

    80. TYFRY

      man looking like comethazine

    81. RiseUpWes

      Fireee 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    82. Ashton Joned


      1. Jahki Murray

        Let’s hear your song

    83. John But

      This is shit

      1. Jahki Murray

        Let’s hear your song


      He should stay A KGupr

      1. Jahki Murray

        @ZONY CREATIONS he don’t wanna be the best tho


        @Jahki Murray cuz he’s not the best

      3. Jahki Murray


    85. Guppy

      flight man....

    86. its ya boi Z

      no one: me when i get coffee at 9:00 pm

    87. Kevin Gates

      But low key the video fire

    88. Kevin Gates

      Nobody flight 👁👅👁

      1. DSG Gryan GC


    89. Ray Veli Vevo

      This nigga was supposed to been one of the Newboyz

    90. Cj Agyen Asamoah


    91. Jayden Rollock

      Mommy i'm scared

    92. Steph Curry

      Look at Flight man

    93. Moneysetryan

      nobody: flight: 👁👅👁

    94. DC Riloo

      I’m sorry but this shit is trash 🗑

      1. Jahki Murray

        Let’s hear your song

    95. specz cant hang

      Ik im late but why tf this nigga flight look like COMETHAZINE a bit😂

    96. iindigobianca


    97. Ladarius Walker

      The next Comethazine

    98. Supreme KH

      Who’s here before 2M?

    99. Chewy Ice

      better than dax

    100. Qnz 718

      His ex girl Andrea giving him. Clout cut his music trash honest.

      1. Jahki Murray

        @Qnz 718 nah

      2. Qnz 718

        @Jahki Murray its trash

      3. Jahki Murray

        @Qnz 718 it ain’t gotta be flight got his own style and you comparing two different generations a lot of people don’t think this trash why was it trending and why did it get 1 million in 2 days ok then

      4. Qnz 718

        @Jahki Murray comon you its not no dmx or nas or etc lol its trash give up

      5. Jahki Murray

        @Qnz 718 nah it’s vice versa you just delusional asf😂 and if it’s trash why you on it