Flight - Hella Stax (Official Audio)


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    1. Roger slick Lol


    2. TLN Kai

      FTC is legendary yo it is February 🔥🐬

    3. William Lemus


    4. abradolf lincler

      Holy trash

    5. Shelly Hamilton

      New song rap

    6. Blustery

      Anyone know who produced this?

    7. YFNMATT

      This is fire

    8. AirDunkz 15


    9. vybz click

      Here before 1 million

      1. Spider21 Rice

        1 mill happening in another 3 yrs

    10. Flawdamade G

      State your here before a million

    11. cuh_ bluh

      you have to listen to these song on airpods on , maks it sound more lit

      1. Hustle Gaming

        Bet 😂😂💯😈

    12. Karmello Drayton


    13. zaymon playz


    14. Lil Kay9

      😂😂😂💀💀 i cant take this song seriously the shitty ad libs has me dead

    15. lekesia Gregory

      Can you rename the album to walking L

    16. YoShA

      I didn’t know you whacthed dragon ball shows!

    17. Mo Bamba

      Stacks on stacks, cash on cash Stacks on deck FTC, you know how I be [Chorus] Stacks on deck I'ma get her wet, I'ma run a check, she gon' drop that neck That's a bet, bet, bet I'ma hit it from the front, I'ma hit it from the back I'ma make that ass clap, clap I just want the chicken, I just want the cash Make her throw it back for them stacks, stacks, stacks Niggas always hatin', go and get a bag, throw that fuckin' cash Throw it right back, back Stacks on stacks, racks on racks on cash Hella stacks, stacks, stacks Do a split for a check, is her pussy soakin' wet? Will you let a nigga test, test? Wake up in the morning, go and run a check, spend a little bread Then I get wrecked, wrecked Yeah, I disrеspect 'cause I'm next, watch mе do my step then I flex [Verse] My fit's three stacks motherfucker, get your bands up Nigga, I'm a king, FTC, better stand up (Flight Team stand up) You's a funny circus nigga, you should do stand up Polo with the Robins, Gucci hat and them spaceships Get up out my section, who is he? Fuck a random Don't even follow, but always watchin', you's a fan, huh See you fell off, gotta make an OnlyFans, huh Go and get your bands, what you mean? What you sayin', bruh? Why you in my comments talkin' tough? You's a fan, bruh Niggas never want the smoke, go and get the fan, bruh She gon' choose a nigga 'cause I'm rich, young and handsome And I'll spoil her rotten if she suck good banana

    18. NightSniperNick

      This is so bad😂😂😭😭😂😂

      1. Fuck You

        😂😂 u drop a song den 🤷🏾‍♂️

    19. Noah Brown


    20. Noob

      He didnt just get better at bball his music is FIRE

    21. Sage

      This is bad 😂

      1. Omee ツ


    22. Jayden Sykes

      Jesus loves you. Repent and Trust in Him.

    23. Slapped

      If flights hook isn't good then the verses defently are

    24. Kvng Donny


    25. Zxifr ꪜ

      Lowkey flight album be on fire🔥🔥

    26. JGGreene 10


    27. Kamari Moody

      this shi hard as a bih

    28. Junior Johnson


    29. Abel Barkat

      YUH FTC

    30. Truly Joseph

      Damn this song is good 🔥

    31. Fat Wanas

      Is it me or this a gta6 bopp

    32. Replay Clan

      Flight FTC was better then lil mosey xxl rap

    33. H20 SPLXSH

      this ya hardest song i love it bro

    34. MM20

      This song hits different on mute

    35. Carlo Corona


    36. hoqly

      everything is true exept the handsome part flight🙄😭

    37. kaiya

      ✨clEp clEp clEp✨

    38. Tyler Gary

      Songs a vibe

    39. Yk KennyYT


    40. Ukiah Lisenby


    41. Rod361TX

      So ispr4ational

    42. GreenupSway

      Claim your "Here before 1 Milly Milly" ticket Here

    43. Roqqs

      The best one

    44. zaezae

      wdf cuz😭

    45. Albert Sylvia

      Did a 3rd grader write the lyrics

      1. Kellar Robinson

        ☠☠ fax tho

    46. Hameed Abdul


    47. Louie Deccio

      flight be droppin heat🔥🔥

    48. 2kelite_ NbW

      When u realize this is the worst song on the album but it's not bad 🔥🔥

    49. Ra1D

      This ass😂

    50. ProdigyxWho

      All these dislikes are people liking the video in Australia

    51. Star Uzumaki

      I really hope there’s gonna be a music video for this if there is its gonna be to lit 🔥

    52. fetti fetti


    53. Evan Gomez

      Here before 1 mil views

    54. Chino Smokes


    55. Hameed Abdul

      This is firee 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

    56. Ty 4746

      Dis btc hard🔥

    57. He Whom Walks Behind Thee Roses

      STAXKS ON DEXK💯 Yooo I wanna sea a flight an king soulja song now lol🔥

    58. David Galon

      This is for the next coach carter movie

    59. James Sauls

      Why this sound like nba jam?

    60. jake-rblx

      flight should now be a mainstream rapper (like if you agree with me)

    61. Mason Lineberry

      Who else getting a 2000’s tyga feel when they hear this?

    62. Dan Lang

      Why does this song sound like the typa song ?

    63. Dan Lang


    64. Dan Lang

      Why does this song sound like the typa song ?

    65. RLG

      This dude is straight 🔥

    66. Toxic fade

      Stax stax stax 💵💵💵

    67. Jhames

      Nice flight

    68. Tre2wavy


    69. Phill Boy284

      This low key sound like Tyga

    70. Zion Afamasaga


    71. Fabio Grisoni

      Hella Stax best song in walking W

    72. IdenticalSLIME


    73. YourSportsHighlights

      Am I the only one that has flight reacts songs on my playlist

    74. DepressionSession

      Yo no 🧢 I know it sounds crazy.. but somehow flight becoming my favorite rapper rn 2020 crazy

    75. zykeveyin malone

      So when you gonna address the fact that you stole Girlhefunnyaf44’s lyrics?

    76. Kid Chuy

      He really stole lyrics from girlhefunny damn just cause he a small youtuber thought we wouldn't notice but we did

    77. Supreme Oreo


    78. 0NYX YT

      Flights Beats stay in 2013

    79. Vehndyy


    80. Gavin Rivera

      Stole lyrics

    81. BNY

      am i the only one thats getting the tyga rack city vibes?

    82. Kandyland

      When you said FTC STAND UP !! I lost ittt 🔥

    83. King Royal

      Wow 😳

    84. Daniel VGP

      Clam your after “YOOOO WHATS GOOD EVERYBODY” Card here

    85. Blunndo

      Flight is actually improving! Keep it up Flight! I love you no homo!

    86. Life of Justin

      Do flight think it’s 2009

    87. RapFace Jayy

      Name a 13 year old rapper that's better than me bet you can't kgup.info/get/gIepeoCUdnyBpH8/video 💫🔥

    88. Kitsube Of The South

      Bruh I can see asap ferg on this beat

    89. Kyle

      My typa music

    90. Posted Up !

      Assssssssss trashé

    91. TUNK



      Flight da goat

    93. RetroTV1

      Tyga would kill this lmaooo

    94. Swag_21


    95. Where’s Sado


      1. Where’s Sado


    96. OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria

      That one good

    97. Popo ft

      Bro Flight got better

    98. FrostDeezAKA

      Flight joining STACKS ON DECK MONEY GANG???

    99. Diamond Nasty

      a Aye a Aye a Aye a Aye a Aye

    100. Junior Peralta

      Stole girlhefunny lyrics