Flight - Eater Options (Official Audio)


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    1. Lakerfan 223

      This beat 🔥

    2. pufferpolo

      [Intro] Okay Yeah, this that type of beat Nah, this my type of beat Let's get it (Etrizzle this a banger) [Verse 1] Nigga this that shit, fuck you mean? They've been waitin' for (They've been waitin' for) Nigga this that shit, fuck you mean? Go and ask a ho' (Ask a ho') Nigga this that shit, fuck you mean? Gotta get the dough (Get the dough) Nigga this that shit, fuck you mean? I bet she fuckin' know (Yeah, yeah, ooh, uh) Hit it from the back, got the bitch fuckin' screamin' (Papi) Pull the tracks out, swear they thinkin' like a demon Pop the bitch cherry, she's attached for a reason (For a reason) Hit for one night, shorty can't stay the weekend (Not thе weekend) [Chorus] Let the monеy do the talkin', walkin' (Yeah) Live life everyday 'til I'm in a coffin (Coffin) Pullin' on the 'dro, got a nigga fuckin' coughin' (Yeah, yeah) Walkin' with your bitch, so I had to put my rock in (Uh, woah, uh, yeah) Ayo Flight, when's that next song gon' be droppin'? (Droppin') These niggas knowin' this that shit that be knockin' (Knockin') Say fuck me, she gon' fuck me 'cause I'm poppin' (Poppin') Never sweat an eater 'cause a nigga got options [Verse 2] Watch it, lil' nigga, yous a real bitch pleaser (Bitch pleaser) Doin' bitches cold like a niggas name was freezer (Freezer) I ain't finna stay, I'm that nigga that'll leave her (Leave her) Already said it, he's a real bitch pleaser (Yeah, yeah, yeah, bitch pleaser) I'm the type of nigga that's gon' get it out a bitch (Bitch) You the type of nigga that'll switch for a chick (Yeah, uh, ooh) Spread them legs open, mami, let me take a dip (Let me take a dip) How you claimin' yous a pimp when knowin' you be simp? (How?) You niggas do it for the clout, bitch, I do it for the money (For the money) Got your baby momma from Kentucky, all up in her tummy (Yummy) Man, this bitch pussy stinkin', I ain't come over to get funky (Nah) Smokin' on this skunk got me swingin' with the monkeys (Ooh, yeah) Addicted to the pussy man, I fuck her like a junkie Pull up Steak 'n Shake when a nigga get the munchies (Yeah, yeah) Wake and bake in the morning so a nigga not grumpy (Not grump) You is not my dog, lil' nigga, you a puppy (Uh, woah, woah) [Chorus] Let the money do the talkin', walkin' (Yeah) Live life everyday 'til I'm in a coffin (Coffin) Pullin' on the 'dro, got a nigga fuckin' coughin' (Yeah, yeah) Walkin' with your bitch, so I had to put my rock in (Uh, woah, uh, yeah) Ayo Flight, when's that next song gon' be droppin'? (Droppin') These niggas knowin' this that shit that be knockin' (Knockin') Say fuck me, she gon' fuck me 'cause I'm poppin' (Poppin') Never sweat an eater 'cause a nigga got options

    3. Prince Vegeta

      Can’t wait when the visuals come out 🔥🔥🔥

    4. Matthew V2

      This my type of music

    5. Leeds Barz

      Ay the money coming like honey it’s not funny I’m boucing like a bunny

    6. Karan Phull


    7. chaii beats

      anybody here after soul train

    8. GregDaBeast 975


    9. Tatsuya -kun

      All these dragon ball references make the song 10x better

    10. youngbull 903


    11. youngbull 903

      Beam ft.1k [Official Audio] - KGup

    12. iindigobianca

      bass would go crazy in the car !!💙

    13. Shoto Todoroki

      I love the merged zamasu theme

    14. ErrxrO_o

      Why is this shit hard?? Underrated af

    15. Toby Ross


    16. Tyrone Plays

      Flight got in to his bag with this one 🔥

    17. Chidubem Duruibe

      Anybody wanna get saved? To go to Heaven you must confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and also believe that Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected three days later forgiving us for our sins if we repent. Having faith in Jesus and obeying him= Salvation

    18. BionicallyAComputer

      0:29 🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋

    19. JV Beats

      Look at Flight man, so inspirational 🔥🔥

    20. Chori_ Ate.Duvalin

      Damn demon reacts hopped on the track🔥

    21. Xaivier Mayfield-Nash


    22. Gang time

      cant believe it been 5 minutes since the album makes sense this before september time fast

    23. Gang time

      the best song of the album had to comment again

    24. Damo Taps

      This one of my favourite flight songs this one just hits different

    25. Jules Carr

      best song especially bc of the beat

    26. Full send Stevie

      Not bad

    27. Mayur Patel

      what is the name for this beat?

    28. TLN Kai

      FTC is legendary yo it is February 🔥🐬

    29. Shop Life

      Why this man flight legs so big

      1. BOSS SHARK 300

        To make him look muscular I'm guessing?

    30. Susis Amogus

      This is actually pretty good

    31. Madara doge [Road to 100]

      He’s fused zamasu and he said frieza!

    32. reds 9999

      Bois looking like zamasu 😂

    33. BTG Kevin


    34. Bouttabag Clips

      Flight so Inspirational bro

    35. M A

      Feel Like Cryp Walkin To Thiss

    36. Second acc Second acc

      The kid lario says he made it out the mud if day nigga made it out the mad I made it out the trenches LMFAOOOO

    37. xClearVisualz HD

      This shit more garbage then his basketball skills.

      1. Messiah Jones

        thats impossible

    38. Osg True

      Flight start ah label and sign me 🔥🔥🔥

    39. Kiephe Wignal

      imma come view this in the next 14 if im alive

    40. Kamikaze PG

      Only real Dragon ball fans know that he in Zamasu Clothes...

    41. jawko yt

      Why flight sound like that 1 rapper who is on savagepope pordutions

    42. huntify

      This song Loki fieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    43. JTA Shifty

      0:23 demon reacts 👀

    44. domine 11


    45. Jonathan nance

      This man said didn't snatch shit HA!!!!!!!!! STOP THE CAP!!

    46. YLK. CY

      Bro goin hard in this one, no cap 💪💯

    47. Cluhts

      okay this the one good song on the whole project 🤷🏽‍♂️

    48. Emily Guevara

      bars goddamm

    49. Nadiya Hussain

      You are so trash

      1. Jahki Murray


    50. Gursharan Singh

      Anyone notice the zamasu clothes

    51. xGooya

      Flights best song easily idc

      1. Yoloslapss

        Naw his best song my typa

    52. prod.Ixeyboyuno

      Add me for riches

    53. Ian Caesar CSGO




    54. Teddi Wetu

      2K gotta add a flight song on the soundtrack

    55. IG: braaddeen

      Like demon “grgrrrrgrrrr”

    56. Roer Damgo


      1. Chris Fenner

        It’s actually not

    57. Slik

      Rat Gone Wild -> kgup.info/get/iX15mneijKVraY8/video

    58. Christian Salazar

      trash but ill give you props for the visuals

      1. Christian Salazar

        @Jahki Murray his songs are ass 🤣🍑💨

      2. Jahki Murray

        @Christian Salazar it’s actually not

      3. Christian Salazar

        It actually really is.

      4. Chris Fenner

        It’s actually not

    59. Curtis Waller

      see you 10 fil ght to youtube

    60. X-2Saucey-X

      Demon reacts 😂

    61. blueman franklin

      out of al things you choose music- why


      Who else wishes Flight was there uncle😂

    63. JGGreene 10


    64. hykeemog1gamer

      fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fire that all his song is fireeeeeeeeeeee real ftc fan

      1. Kellar Robinson

        no, its not, if I give you the aux, and its been a good time and you start bumpin this, imma lowkey make you bit the curb

    65. Strengthful

      Bro blue face and flight would make a banger

    66. tK Scenari0TM


    67. 밥아저씨


    68. 밥아저씨

      This song is good

    69. 밥아저씨


    70. All blue No green

      YG why you always

    71. All blue No green

      YG why you always hatin

    72. Guilty Crown

      I didn’t know if this is stolen but at 0:51 flight had bars

      1. Kaibeast 5544

        This is one of the few songs without stolen lyrics

      2. KhalIl

        Flight don't write lyrics Real 🐐

    73. MakeitwetlikeJxmiir

      Just Imagine having to steal lyrics because you don’t know how to rap

    74. BN-21.*

      What song did flight steal from?

      1. BN-21.*

        At the same time we should just let flight chase a bag 💰

      2. BN-21.*

        @Kaibeast 5544 damn but like he said in disingenuous “If I stole your bars what the f*ck are you going to do back.

      3. Kaibeast 5544

        This is actually one of the few 100% original songs of the album

    75. Space Money Mixes

      this beat mad clipping

    76. Crosseyed_josh_ On ig

      Hey dollar store Girlhefunnyaf44

    77. Æ

      best song.

    78. That Sasha Pack Hit Diffy

      Back at stealing lyrics, classic flight.

      1. Yoloslapss

        @That Sasha Pack Hit Diffy who?

      2. That Sasha Pack Hit Diffy

        @YOURRJIT X FTC yea he did. It’s a youtuber lyrics


        he did not steal on this song

    79. Aprizma


    80. all k4pp_rsnkd

      Wait when flight said “Got the bitch screamin papi” was he talkin bout Janet-😳it all makes sense now...

    81. SupshowYT

      this music video finna be a w

    82. EchoTheGoat

      Hi future me in 2030

    83. EchoTheGoat

      Hi future me from 2030

    84. Nadimo

      see u lot in 6 years when the algorithm puts this video for us and future me hi hope u have a girlfriend

      1. KhalIl

        Let the money do the talkin

    85. Nadimo

      is that meant to be zamasu from dbs?

    86. The lil homie

      bro really put that demon laugh in there 😭😭😭😭

    87. The lil homie

      that nigga flight hard 😂😂

    88. L

      This shit is decent. You still any lyrics from someone on here too? Lol


        he did not steal on this song

      2. Kaibeast 5544

        Surprisingly no

    89. Hustle Vibe

      Lol shit hard🥁🔥

    90. antwone terell

      Yo flight who made the background for the album

    91. Pimpin Broads


    92. P-Lo

      This song sucks nuts

    93. Imperial finesse

      Y’all please gimme the time stamp where he stole the lyric

      1. Kaibeast 5544

        Wrong song ain't nun stolen in this one

    94. Ceo Fresh


    95. Jourdan Freeman

      See u when he has a kid

    96. Rezbondi

      1:15 did he steal those rhymes from nwa? If you don't know what i am talking a bout listen to nwa 8 ball

    97. Soccer ball

      Wtf is Zamasu doing in flights song

    98. Alex Maragh

      Bro take this down lol you have a newborn coming into this world you really trying to teach him how to steal

    99. #GL0STARZ ENT!

      flight can actually rap

    100. kachowster

      this beat hit yo