Flight - BTFU (Official Audio)


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    1. jay vex

      Flight wrote this for dreyah

    2. HBS Darwin

      Bro this guy copied Mike sherm song it’s called jackass by mike sherm

    3. Ana Saldana

      when half the song belongs to mike sherm 💀

    4. Nacasha Miller

      My Brother: hey sis can I have some of your food- Me: HOLD UP, BTFU😐🚶🏾‍♀️ Him: C'mon were siblings Me: if you get to close we might act tf up😑 Edit.. Omg thx for 1 like🥺 I love the song , not gonna lie it's stuck in my head, send help😭

    5. Steph Jones

      Mike sherm- Nigga ain't them my lyrics Flight- I actually said that first I just didn't have the cameras on

    6. Tristyn Robinson

      BTFU before stuff get real serious

    7. Yung Cough drop

      LMAO nigga jus took mike sherm’s whole verse

    8. kaleb

      stole mike sherm whole song

    9. Bizzy Gamer

      *This sound like some Cali shit*

    10. I’m Kaleb

      Just put it on 2x speed teust

      1. Life Is good

        I just did 😂😂

    11. no

      lets be real if flight wasn't flight, he would be the drake rn..

    12. Mondo Rodriguez


    13. My Guy

      wtf is this horrible ass beat. shit off-beat af

    14. Joenisha Lashay Dockery


    15. Terrell Cadogan

      This song sound like it should be on the GTAV radio 🤣🤣

    16. LxckWhere


    17. John R

      fire shit

    18. Jordan Sheppard

      This song 🔥 but find the beat flight

    19. Jacion Bryant

      he the goat

    20. Jacion Bryant


    21. Jacion Bryant

      pit this on 2k22 or im not playing it pls

    22. Jacion Bryant

      back tf up

    23. ᧁꪖꪶkꪮ

      Woulda been so hard if the random snare wasn’t in there and it was onbeat

    24. TheyAllWantPJ

      Bro come on flight damn near took Mike Sherm whole verse

    25. Jesús loves you

      If you are reading this comment God loves you and he loves you so much that he bring his only son to die for your sins.he is the way he is coming soon repent

    26. dollaz

      Gta radio music 2013

    27. Jaxonpower


    28. Shmackis

      same type a beat like Mike Sherm, similar bars like Sherm, 🤨🤨

    29. nolimitzro

      the beat is off flight

    30. M916 C

      You stole from mike sherm

    31. Lakia 3583

      I like this Handsome 🙌👑 BTFU 💋🔥

    32. A B


    33. A B


    34. A B


    35. A B


    36. ANGELO Palma

      What happened flight 💀

    37. A N T!

      This Trash

    38. Roland Moody

      this isn't it flight im sorry

    39. TheOnly_ Syn

      Are these one of those videos where the beat doesn't match the lyrics?

    40. SHNAZZY

      Whoever mixed this song must’ve been high... I like all of flights song... but this isn’t it G shit

    41. edy tha demon

      you outta pocket for that one period line 🥴

    42. lukcé

      concert date??!

    43. D3V GOATED

      this song belongs on gta😂

    44. Ta'Quan Ford

      It funny when back the fuck up if you close act the fuck up

    45. Reminsn

      Flight dis shi trash

    46. Moby23

      To bad you stole these lyrics😒 kgup.info/get/nJuoZHiYnqGOioc/video

    47. Geesy.0scar

      flight rlly took a whole verse from jackass from mike sherm

    48. Elijah Live

      bro flight we love you but im from cali and I know Mike Sherms lyrics when I hear it come on fam

    49. Ignacio Flores

      copied mike sherm-jackass its a 2018 song and has alot of the same bars

    50. skinny boi

      Yoo flight drop the hoodie you wearing in the video. I would buy that for sure

    51. Basunka

      This decent

    52. Sungazing Rn

      Flight has the best visuals 🔥

    53. Evan

      is it me or did flight take mike sherm’s bars??

    54. EyAustin

      bruh this is mike sherm song

    55. Childish Dang

      This shii is fucking heat. THis is Flight's style he has one unlike the 82 percent of people in the game like deadass. This is hard and its Flight #AllStarGame #Flight #PoloGTrash #FlightintheAllStarGame

    56. - iGotWhateva

      stole lyrics from Jackass Mike Sherm😪

    57. Kyan-_-

      copying mike sherm from jackass?

    58. xavier dog


    59. DryerSquad VLOGS

      Flight for President 2021! 🏆

    60. SoloWay Cj

      Look at Flight man not bad flight ✈️💪🏿💯‼️🔥🔥

    61. AJ Logan

      Surprised this didn't hit a mil, yall trippin we could've had a 24 hour stream on twitch

    62. Mopar 300S

      Bro this is pure NBA2K music

      1. VxDomeAbleYT

        ikr its like the main menu and a loading screen

      2. Slapped

        O.o kinda does tho

    63. Ty Alexandre


    64. Dandremic

      Here before someone says Flight stole their lyrics

    65. niaa Lee

      if i see my ex im gunna play this lol

    66. G K

      We love u flight but stop stealing bars from Mike Sherm


      Yo flight stole this song

    68. Jose Sanchez

      This shit is trash

      1. Hell rell

        make one then

    69. Malik Mcknight


    70. Joel cabrera

      He stole mike sherms lyrics😂😂😂

    71. mini planet

      2021 songs sounds all the same but flights reminds me of the old days OG rap and that's what we all miss #lol

    72. Bryce 1K


    73. DJ WRLD

      Just quit...

    74. Ashton Bell

      Sounds like Roogas back da fuck up

    75. WuLeakLeak


    76. Now_pc _stuff

      THIS IS LIT!!!

    77. NamSteezy

      How you go in the studio and rap the same lyrics as someone else...

    78. Im not allowed 10 feet within a daycare

      Sounds slot like jackass 🤨

    79. GetTrippy ENT

      dude stole half the shit from mike sherm jackass🤣🤣🤣

    80. GetTrippy ENT

      this nigga flight loves mike sherm or sum🤣🤣

    81. Yuri ジ


    82. Silverio Jr Trujillo


    83. Baby Slime

      Stole mike sherm whole flow 😭💯

    84. Isco Prince

      Theses are mike sherms lyrics 💀

    85. etmonster45

      Why do all his songs sound the same 😂😂


      Y’all really saying this ain’t hard asf ?

      1. ً


    87. Killer10durell10


    88. Gt Beast

      Fire 🔥 no cap

    89. milad 333

      I luv you flight you always make me happy

    90. Jawan Hopson

      5.9 out of 10 you no now what 6-10 it’s flight man

    91. SavageGaming

      That “Heyyy” ugly af 😂😂

    92. Bryson Herewini

      the beat tho lol

    93. Bryson Herewini


    94. Devonte Wright

      Word for word bar for bar flight do better

    95. Devonte Wright

      Mike Sherm approved this song since you dgaf of copying it word for word

    96. JEDI


      1. Devonte Wright

        @Hell rell nigga wtf im saying flight down bad for stealing the whole song how tf am i mad?im big chilling💀💀

      2. Hell rell

        @Devonte Wright nigga you must love flight or sum make a song since u mad!!!

      3. Devonte Wright

        Its stolen feome Mike sherm flight down bad fr

    97. Mintyy


      1. Mintyy

        @Devonte Wright oh😂

      2. Devonte Wright

        Stolen from mike sherm flight down bad

    98. Voritt

      #1 best rapper 🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐🐐

      1. Devonte Wright

        Tell that to mike sherm who got his whole song stolen. Flight is down bad

    99. r0bertaholic

      I love Flight but he hasn’t had a hood song since Sum 😐

    100. Drowxyy

      1:07 dreyuh was right🤨