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    күнү жарыяланды 2 ай мурун


    1. Really Maxxx

      Lilard is currys father because lilard is better

    2. Morgan.M

      Jordan's Carrer High is 69.....

    3. Mike Kucala

      I don't get how Flight be hating on LeBron and say Curry's better like that makes no sense cause LeBron has more rings then Curry and even Jordan has more rings then Curry

    4. X Jivi

      I’m like, alright finally time to watch flight react to curry 62 points Flight: That shot is better then Lebron’s career Me: Yep I made the wrong choice I ain’t even a bron fan 😂

    5. Kurbon Anvarov

      Curry the best

    6. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      "I'm gonna jump like a dinosaur"

    7. Mateo Hecimovic

      13:22 😂

    8. ChinsHyperBTW

      That’s that CJ McCondom dude.

    9. Keeghan Fisher

      Flight you know the lee dude is Stephen currys brother and law

    10. Tiana Ross

      Yo curry as 3 ring which is less then bron and mike

    11. Kelly Oubre Jr


    12. Acetone

      This is almost painful to watch

    13. ddbmamba24 -_-

      “Curry stop, imma jump... AAAHAHAHHAHAH” 💀

    14. Y Solidergirl

      And he does not have more rings than LeBron or Jordan Lebron has 4 rings Jordan has 6 rings curry has 3

    15. Y Solidergirl

      And Jordan scored 81 points

    16. Y Solidergirl

      Lol LeBron scores 63 that was higher than curry

    17. Gbertooo

      Waterburger lol

    18. bree

      Curry: *makes a three* Flight: *creates a whole poem*

    19. Sachin Sama

      man u talking about school know days brooo

    20. Puppy pals Cujo

      Flight get braids again please!!!!

    21. Overwatch's Most Toxic

      MJ Carrer high is 69 so stfu you school threat. #Lebronisthegoatthough

    22. DEAD ZONE

      Look at steph curry son so inspirational

    23. The Ride out gang

      What about Kobe man R.I.P.

    24. Braeden Bueng

      What if flight had basketball iq

    25. sami mila

      Look at curry men🥰

    26. ShmittyTV

      is there anything he said correct 😭😭

    27. PlasmaPulse21x

      jordans is 69 career high but okj

    28. Jared_Playz

      Flight: Curry is number one of all time he has a high pts higher than the goat jordan Wilt, Kobe & Booker: Ahem u were saying?

    29. gsz

      We need warriors to win we also need steph to go of 15 Minutes later steph has 62

    30. Will Townley

      He doesn’t have a better career high than Jordan nor does he have more rings and he doesn’t have more than LeBron????

    31. Zac Sardone

      Mjs car rear high is 69

    32. Shrek Farquad

      11:21 Kanter really took 12 steps

    33. Shrek Farquad

      4:12 and that is why dame isn't better than curry or Kyrie

    34. liquid colton

      “Literally my type of layup” 🤣🤣🤣

    35. Mike Beezy

      Moe did you just say that he got more rings then LeBron and Michael Jordan?????

    36. Elonix

      Did Flight Just Say Curry Has A Higher Career High Than MJ? Curry's High: 62 Jordan's High: 69

    37. Ethan Arbuckle

      ayo anyone remember wilt chamberlain

    38. FootballwithCJ

      Flight: more points than MICHAEL JORDAN. Michael Jordan:Correct that 69

    39. BGS sorrow

      I think flight needs rehab

    40. Osovertimee

      Flight ask how much he has the person said 62 flight said 62

    41. Osovertimee

      Mj career high was 69 and 63

    42. Andrew Dysim

      "iggins wiggins of andrew"... lmao

    43. jean kenny

      Kyrie >dame yes no

    44. Graison Ware

      Look at curry man so inspirational flight

    45. Ethan Jacob

      Curry ain't even top 10 and lebron is on top 1 lebron is better

    46. vjflem


    47. Fecal Matter

      Flight VS Deestroying on the football field

    48. CED2RAW

      FLIGHT 1v1 me , YALL LEAVE A LIKE👀

    49. Normeysr Productions

      Quantum physics

    50. Damian Lillard

      Flight: he just got a higher career high then mj Mj: I have a career high of 69🤦🏽‍♂️

    51. Anthony Avila

      steph curry=goat

    52. Leo Cher

      Warriors are winning by 9 Meanwhile flight- “Bro warriors are winning by like 30 points”

    53. Leo Cher

      Bro flights the goat

    54. Leo Cher

      “Dude thinks he’s nice” flight reacts

    55. anndddre2

      Damn the cameras werent on

    56. Noah sutxliffe

      jordans career high was 69 just saying

    57. 8C-10-José João

      Curry makes a simple 3 Flight: what a shot, dont even conpare him to lillard Lillard do a buzzer beater 3 point logo Flight: Curry can do that to

    58. rocco

      Flight says control your temper but if you don’t get mad he says your soft😭😂

    59. AstroX

      Flight u should react to Jimma Gatwech the best high school dunker

    60. Lazia

      8:37 yo their loosing by like 30 points nice! (Loosing by 12)

    61. Lazia


    62. Lazia

      2:13 no comment.

    63. LOCXL

      Micheal Jordan is 69

    64. R6 Central

      i was gonna jump like a dinosaur-flightreacts

    65. Almeta Southall

      Rip my fellow ear bud users😓

    66. Keone Carlsten Capan

      iam biggest of curry but mj got 69 pts but congrats to curry passes klay

    67. Exwavy

      Flights respect for curry:bro look at curry man he's so good this shot is better then LeBrons career Flights respect for rudy gobert:bro imagine getting blocked by rudy

    68. Munkee

      Flight: HIS CAREER HIGH IS MORE THAN JORDAN Jordan’s 69 point game: am I joke to you

      1. Munkee

        Actually Jordan said: I took that personally

    69. Munkee

      Oubre: you chose “that lee dude” over me?

    70. KAXX

      Kobe better😏

    71. sami mila

      Steph curry ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    72. Jordan Vanegas

      React to “AMP makes a mixtape”

    73. DavinciBrode

      I laugh every time I hear iggins wiggins of Andrew lmao

    74. Daniel Majesty

      Did he forget Kobe

    75. Limbo Himbo

      Love ur vids man

    76. JJacob23_

      John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    77. Kristoff Malabver

      Nobody: Flight:I thought he was gonna make that I was gonna jump like a dinasour 😂😂

    78. ?

      But yeh steph surpass lebron

    79. ?

      mj is 69 pts career high

    80. Stretch

      Has more rings than Lebron and Jordan bruh

    81. Wenagade Waider

      Lmao mans said walked to Madagascar

    82. xs_spooks YT

      Your so dumb curry had 62 but Michael Jordan had 69 what you mean and curry has less rings then Lebrun and Michael Jordan

    83. Peol Aksonen

      Curry: has 3 rings. Flight: “more rings than Jordan”

    84. EliteFitz_Son

      guys I remember doing this I'm 6 grade and the cameras wasn't on social media was different

    85. 313. AMZ

      9:44 that’s a 17 point lead wtf u mean 33😭😭

    86. Savior Assassin

      Nobody: Flight: If you are comparing lilard and saying he's better unplug your TV. Kid Watching: Throw's TV in the garbage

    87. RaileyGonzales

      Me when i win games 13:52

      1. RaileyGonzales

        And me when steph curry hit 3 pointers

    88. Arty Puga

      And Kobe’s 5 rings

    89. Arty Puga

      This man just ignoring Kobe’s 81😐

    90. Mr Slick

      He’s so delusional that it’s awesome 🤣. I used to get irritated but, now I’ve developed an immunity to this type of shit.

    91. SG_Silence

      the facts that he knows nun about the nba and he is also really bad at basketball too

    92. SG_Silence

      jordan has 69 as his higest dumbass

    93. SG_Silence

      cuz curry got 60 point does not mean he gonna get mvp dumbass devin booker got 70p and he did not get mvp

    94. NFL-_-Neo

      Flight: CURRY JUST PASSED MICHAEL JORDAN AND LEBRON Curry: 62 LeBron: 61 (he passed it) Michael Jordan: 69 Flight again: HE HAS MORE RINGS THAN MICHAEL JORDAN AND LEBRON Curry: 3 rings LeBron: 4 rings Michael Jordan: 6 rings

    95. Anirudh Kaimal

      Jordan's career high is 69.

    96. Not Greenz

      MJs carrear high is 69 btw

    97. The Strategic Eyes Show

      I found this page and thought to myself... How the hell this guy has 4 mil subscriber and I only have 800 talking about law and politics. Then I watched it and found out he's pretty entertaining. Very interesting to watch. Guess you should never judge a book by its cover. Keep up the good work.

    98. wyatt

      Mj has 69

    99. Aslankeepit1k

      6th grade flight 4”11 5ft did the same layup as curry but didn’t have the cameras on💀💀💀

    100. Moldy 3k