Remarkable 1V1 REMATCH Against T Jass! + Teaming Up 3V3 To Drop Off Overseas Players!


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    1. GoatedKai


    2. Kale carter

      That’s what happens when your not good at basketball flight

    3. Sauce Jackson

      Flight not ready Even wit training

    4. Riley Smith

      4:24 LMFAO pride comes before a fall yung flight

    5. AuthenticHalfMexicanito


    6. SoloMack

      2:41 flight was about to launch that basketball to Madagascar😂😂

    7. thats kinda sus

      Inspirational screen by flight 13:15

    8. Bo Ward

      You need to quit shooting you suck

    9. Bo Ward

      Come to tn I'll get my boy smoke u

    10. Alyx

      love how everyone started laughing after Flight made his first and only shot

    11. hogybear22

      Flight scores buckets like it’s a soccer game..... once, maybe twice, and three times everyone once in a while.

    12. DDot98

      bro who keeps pressing the replay button?!😂

    13. Chase G

      I'm sorry but flight the worst out here lol

    14. Tim Danielson

      Bruh idk what he means by overseas teams they cant even beat a team of 3 8th graders💀

    15. zayzay _13

      has flight ever won a 1v1

    16. Jaidin Haynes

      2:41 flight was boutta throw the basketball at the wall 😭

    17. PigeonWarrior

      That give and go is what you need to keep going


      tjass not passing bc flight sucks

    19. Dayaaa 301


    20. Heat Lyrics

      when flight started punching the wall that shit was mad funny cuz this nigga really be mad af and not even tryna be funny about it making it extra funny 🤣🤣🤣 like bro flight be mad af & dead serious in every 1v1 but as soon as bro get 1 bucket he start screaming in joy on some OD shit , even when the game clearly over 😭😂🤣 like bruh , flight mad funny. most entertaining 1v1 videos on youtube

    21. pickyy0shi

    22. Owen Kile

      Flight adds an instant replay on his one bucket 😂

    23. ElectroMancer YT

      This some nice edit skills

    24. PatryKapy y

      Ice ring ring fliyght team stand up

    25. Noah Daniel

      I have a intro for September. “Its been a year to remember, but its finally September!”

    26. Ilerson Ulysse

      Flight to be honest try playing tennis bro you be good at that no cap

    27. Ilerson Ulysse

      This nikka flight is the worse basketball player in history

    28. Poi 890

      Tjass an e2 playin with pro1

    29. SirSwish2Swxggy

      The other team was so annoying😂

    30. Jovani

      A middle schooler could beat this guy 🤣

    31. Matt

      Brooo!! I watched cashes 1v1 and then yours.. tjass hardly even had to try against you. It was boring to watch. Atleast cash made tjass work for it.

    32. Twerk God

      little does the kid know in the back that hes next to a legend

    33. Brandon Belrose

      Flight I put 300 onna game

    34. NoLoveKay -music

      😭i swear i would play flight for every dollar in my pocket and not be nervous at all😭

    35. Ανδρέας Σπρουχ

      Sorry guys but he isn't in nba and some of my friends are saying that he is better than lebron. Explain

    36. Chris Mcarthur

      Man I’m only here cause Flight was talkin trash bout Cash vs T and this the performance you put on playa? 🤣😂😭 BIG GARB

    37. crazy monte

      Flight u trash I wanna 1v1

    38. X Cranz

      It’s actually remarkable how bad flight is even though he has professional training

      1. X Cranz

        ASMR BULLY he would still be as trash as normal anyways.

      2. ASMR BULLY

        He always smoke a joint before he plays

    39. Jaxon Pintao

      Keep up the practicing g

    40. O Z Blast

      Like for Flight vs Swagg 👍🏾🔥🏀😉. $OliZoe9

    41. DNAthletics Training

      Happy birthday bro if that’s true

    42. Brice Peyton

      basketball just ain’t ur sport man bronny and those highschoolers would shit on u

    43. mjsaucy

      11:57 goteeeeee

    44. P4CK Thunder

      Found this guy cuz of memes

    45. DoublePump_OG H

      Happy bday flight

    46. Swayze

      Amazing 3v3

    47. Kinggod 301

      React to the nba games!

    48. POVHFR Videos

      Hey, this was posted on my birthday.

    49. Charlie Willard

      wait someone pls reply is flight actually dead?

    50. Matteo Cera

      Bro its not that hard to just fucking defent

    51. Kryp Zay T

      Flight did great in the 3v3 i think that’s the most times I’ve seen him pass the ball and he played good d got some layups he was good good job flight

    52. Minecraft cobblestone

      Spiritual so is better 😴

    53. SolarSiah

      It’s crazy that flights is gonna be a problem one day ❕❕

    54. Andres Larios

      13:17 screen

    55. Louvenn

      Lets be honest its august. I saw this so im spreading the word. You should too.

    56. Qiuey


    57. Ya boi Dame

      I didn't see anything remarkable in the 1v1

    58. Chino ChinoAgale

    59. Sacred Steph

      React to Steph zee reacting to you video!

    60. KrazyAnt

      Man flight would be god if he didn’t smoke 💨

    61. Kiss My Axe

      love how he took a part of the video out I would die if he says something like oh sorry the camera died out and had to change it

    62. schawackem

      I can’t get over the way he pronounced “disingenuous” 😭

    63. Sus as bus

      I was 1v1ing flight but we just didn’t have the cameras on

    64. 2muchSmok3

      24 -2

    65. 2muchSmok3

      Flight u got doodoo on

    66. Miles Gibson

      Flights hands in the intro ↘️↗️➡️↖️↕️⬇️↘️⬆️⬅️⤵️🔁↙️

    67. Professional Griefer

      Yo I went to school with flight back in the day no cap cholee lake elementary school

    68. Solo 919

      You should do public gold digger pranks g

    69. Dupree Henry

      TJass really fit the stereotype in the lovliveserve vid at this moment 8:30 😂

    70. TaZ CGNSO

      Day 32 of challenging flight to a 1v1

    71. Jay Wook

      Flight can you buy me a ps5?

    72. TheGameTrainz HD

      Remarkable 3v3

    73. Flp Ocular

      The real game was 24 to 2 watch the video from tjass

    74. VR Vegas

      ill give it to em, hes getting better. but at the same time, his footwork is shit, he just looks so awkward shooting

    75. Hovstillfame88


    76. gamerun64

      Bro for August it should be oh i sigh its not july its August.

    77. Shane Elder

      Only remarkable thing about this video is Flight getting out scored by 20 points in a 1v1 I’ve never seen no shit like that in my life 😂

    78. Michael Ofori

      4:24 dam flight

    79. Johnnyboi

      React to suns vs clippers

    80. Kyrptìc Savage

      He’s improving a lot. Those memes are turning into reality. Flight in June was the birth of a completely different player

    81. Kawhi Leonard

      Yooo I got head yesterday!

    82. Thanx Benzo

      damn bruh i almost exit out of this video fr

    83. Zion Finnerty

      Work on the defense and just precision and flight would be very good

    84. Bandits The Label


    85. Mahoning Heckel

      Always taking bad shots and acting soft on the court

    86. Mahoning Heckel

      You trash

    87. Isaiah _

      Flight... Tristan played your ass like a fiddle

    88. StaticRage

      Flight I hope you read this comment but the reason why your shot be off is cause you need to shoot up you keep shooting straight at the court

    89. Jay Chevvy

      FLIGHT 1v1 Jesse Jones Aka Filayyy

    90. Semaj Lee

      Blue face want to 1v1 you

    91. Andre Fox

      Yo flight I’m 12 years old and I’m calling u out I could lock u up no matter what it’s to easy

    92. Jojo Rosario

      Don’t get me wrong I love flight but he just doesn’t know how to play defense and I’m 14 an I think I could drop him off but I’m not tryna be a shit talker cause I’m still a fan

    93. Silent Marauder

      Flight won but the cameras weren't on that's all

    94. Shawn Boles

      I think it’s funny how t jass lost to flight but I forgot flight a hoopist( pls sub to my KGup channel)

    95. Krystal Casatti

      Man flight cant play vs anyone how sad

    96. Brady Page

      Flight instant replays a layup

    97. Ira Keck

      Flight open while tj getting doubled like he was gonna miss flight hits those

    98. Brandon Conners

      Flight please stop ruining everything you learned you are looking like pre June flight right now where is the defensive mechanics?

    99. Choppa

      4:16 lady in da back was dyin

      1. AQW Spart

        thats Tjass gf and i would be lmao too in that situation

    100. RJNy

      Flight always saying He would drop an nba player in a 1 v 1 but he’s getting sh*t on by Tristan jass