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    1. Josh Lynch

      This is like watching two dudes who played the bench in high school play each other at the rec center.

    2. Sid

      Bro, Qiasomar is my friend's uncle not even capping.

    3. Lil G X Rated Lifestyle

      😂😂😂 I can’t stand when flight says IRISH SPRING GREEN GREEN GREEN 🟢🟢🟢🍀🍀🍀

    4. Gerardo Lucio

      Nothing but bricks flight :/

    5. Channel Foreign

      Have any of y’all realize that every shot that he has made in the beginning of his videos were only three’s

    6. nick robles

      Lol insta every shot he makes fucking narcissist

    7. B Palm

      Where all these people playing for 10k shoes where I'm from...I cant even find anyone at the college rec that will play for free

    8. Ariies

      he sat there and let him call him quewis🤦🏾‍♂️😭😭

    9. oNxke

      How does he lose to a guy that cleans shoes 🤣

    10. oNxke

      Flight is the worse basketball player lmfao you wasted your mom to get embarrassed 🤣🤣🤣

    11. Slayedd

      U hype your self for no reason

    12. Slayedd

      I thought u got better u still ass

    13. O Z Blast

      Like for Flight vs Swagg 👍🏾🔥🏀😉. Dap $OliZoe9

    14. robin mangalindan

      I won't lie..his jump shot improve that follow throw...his drive to the basket sucks..hope he work it out

    15. Matteo Cera

      Men I dont even play basketbal but if I had the same hight as flight I Will beat flight and more people he 1v1d

    16. Washy CODM

      Flight is so bad at basketball. I could even beat him and I never played basketball lmfaoo

    17. Jackson Miller

      He’s trash

    18. Yousuf Ibrahim

      I've never seen anyone take a halftime in a 1 on 1 game up to 10 points 😂😂😂

    19. Yousuf Ibrahim

      They're both straight trash 😂😂😂

    20. Jordan Logan

      Flight been watching curry too much

    21. trap

      but didn’t flight pronounce his name wrong or am i hi

    22. A Hooper's Journey


    23. GRI TOX - Boys Of Random

      No offense qiasomar, but stick to collecting sneakers please

    24. jaythegrinder

      Aye flight if your seeing this the reason your not being consistent with your shots is because your rushing them everything your doing is rushing your dribbling is too high u need to lower it bc it will give u and advantage against any opponent the second thing is you need to work on your body movements make your opponent think your going one way with some good triple threats Nd ball fakes and another thing bro is u need to drive more Singh scared to take contact

      1. jaythegrinder

        Oh Nd another thing is your predictable asf u do too many hesis you should only do that to create separation Nd u should also work on your follow thru you don’t have 1🤦🏾🤦🏾🤷🏾‍♂️

      2. jaythegrinder

        *don’t b scared to take contact

    25. Scared Samurai

      Yo flight use your height. I guarantee you those layups will drop better.

    26. ICantShoot 3312

      Who else wants to see flight vs nle?

    27. Nick Thomas

      Bro lemme play you, im itchin to take you to the hole 11 times in a row

    28. iCamTv

      This shit funny asf

    29. Mikejonez001

      Both my favorite KGuprs

    30. C Jizzle BMG


    31. Ghoulish GBN

      He has a instant replay every time he scores like bruh how about you do an instant replay at least one time that shows you getting destroyed clapped or sauced

    32. COCO LOCO

      I only watch flight to lose and say IRISH SPRING GREEN GREEN and flight should shoot closer instead of shooting like a 3 Ponter idk

    33. Shoyo Hinata

      flight you always run right side get better with your left and switch it up

    34. Gaurdfrmhell

      june flight different ong

    35. The Fat nekru

      flight how u going to expect to get better when u dont train smh

    36. MR Larry the editor

      1:03 flight thought he was sick cuh he scored 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I see you 🤣🤣🤣

    37. King Zome

      “Ques thanks for the 1v1”

    38. Nave

      Make that hesi more realistic and work on that jumper. Guarantee you’ll see results

    39. Brad Price

      When ever flight actually wins that’s when I will even think about buying merch

    40. fxdeiana_ 2k

      Bro flight u have to win bruh I got faith in u💪

    41. garzaha

      Flight makes a bucked flights editor: Instant replay

    42. Kaspar Kaskla

      why flight playing on small courts

    43. Ang_Pał East SIDE-

      Flight wtf is wrong with you come on man

    44. Davide Spinelli

      I don't get the comments, he's getting much better

    45. V1G

      First time seeing flight play basketball, and not going to lie his jumpshot looks kind of wierd lol

    46. Roberto Bourcicot

      he is so weak on defense like how does he think he is going to win without play hard on defense

    47. Tim Williams

      Quis Ass!!! I'd whoop his ass and take his girl! #ONCameraTHO

    48. Michael Lee

      Flight a trash can 😂

    49. kxixdxa

      1:48 cleannnnn😂

    50. Emory Linnville

      Flight all u gotta do is crash for ur boards and more layups Bc u have height over most of this ppl

    51. marcus Johnson

      Watching him play basketball just makes me angry

    52. Tyrone Biggums

      Let me find out flight losses to qais🤦🏽‍♂️

    53. Preston Micklech


    54. Kartikye Mann

      Bro even I’ve beaten Qias in a 1v1

    55. Joseph Richards

      Thought that this was a 2019 vid when i heard heat cheque

    56. BigShot Gaming

      He wouldn’t even be bad if he didn’t do drugs

    57. BigShot Gaming

      Yo he did pretty sick in this 1v1 not gonna lie at the start 🤦‍♂️

    58. masterhallett

      Don’t even step on a court anymore.

    59. Rz Steez

      8:01 wtf did i just witness

    60. Lxck1k

      I feel like flight was better this game then the whole june😭🤣

    61. Insomniac Ty

      @flightreacts is ass 😂

    62. MR.orignal channel

      If only flight finishes his layups and close shots

    63. V Tv Pan

      Okay tbh this video I actually was hoping flight would actually win ! :(

    64. UnkownBallerZ

      Please stop doing instant replays they’re annoying

    65. Tim Brown

      lol lil buddy went in his bag

    66. future 958

      Flight I will drop u off dude no cap I’m only 5.5 and will do u

    67. Balthazar's Sports Fanatic

      i hope dude not playing for real

    68. Iced Jaguar

      Cmon Flight this too many Ls

    69. Slippah Rippah

      Yo D-up!! Work on your D bruh

    70. Ya Boi_ebandzz

      Ayo flight start training again

    71. danthegoat13❶

      The bag has been expectedly fumbled

    72. danthegoat13❶

      Quis sneaker collection is ridiculous

    73. Fabian Costa

      Anyone know which hoop that was and where to get it

    74. ツCxshedOut

      Come on flight you was doing so good but then he wanted for u to get tired then he was balling on u got to work on stamina

    75. Shush

      Flight don’t go for 3 pointers you can’t shoot for your life just go for dunks and layups band use your height as an advantage

    76. yaamanzzdee

      Shorty in the corner some fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    77. Cameron Wren

      Notice how everytime flight losing he take the score down until before halftime

    78. Aligamer 210

      June trash flight

    79. Aligamer 210

      Lost all of his 1v1s hahah trash flight

    80. Aligamer 210

      Flight is trash

    81. Warren Wilkins

      My man flight just sorry... lol but he give everyone the smoke

    82. Vladimir Putin

      I mean. He’s gotten better...

    83. Damon K.

      Why is flights dribbling so bad , god damn it

    84. Miguel Muniz

      Flight goes 1/20 in 3s and he constantly continues to shoot... you have to keep trying to find different ways to get around your opponents weak points and this man dont do that. Shit crazy lol

    85. Felise Larsen

      Q ias

    86. David Whitworth

      I would kill his ass in a 1v1wither one of em

    87. Yuhzinn


    88. v Stxks

      I’m so disappointed bro🤦🏽‍♂️😪

    89. Bailey Eide

      Flights editor has the hardest job in the world. Trying to make this sid the sloth lookin boi seem good at basketball.

    90. FlickxRick

      you starting to piss me off flight .

    91. Arkan

      Stop 1v1 ppl. Like you literally suck all you’re doing is embarrassing yourself so just train first

    92. Noushauga _

      Mehn Flight needs to put more in the weight room. Like the dude said his length was giving him trouble. Flight needs to use his height and be more explosive and be able to use both hands. He needs to learn how to post up and dominate in the paint instead of chucking up 3s

    93. Chris Ramey

      Am I the only one that said to the them self WHY THE FUCK WOULD FLIGHT PUT 9k on the line after reading the title

    94. Asem Aldaras

      Flight has to fucking dissapoint you when you put faith on him smh

    95. Bon Evens

      Getting dropped of by a chubby white boy 💀

    96. Darrick Darrick


    97. rave_luka

      React to Nikola Jokic highlights

    98. Joshua Garcia

      Bro does he even play basketball he work at a shoe store

    99. LowkeyHazard

      Its as if flight didnt know how to jump... mans wasnt contesting anything

    100. Joshua Garcia

      Flight drippin