1V1 Against Agent 00!


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    1. Yea ItzGod

      that ref be buggin no cap

    2. Miles W

      Flight: I don't take these 1v1s seriously I'm just chillin". Also flight Extends the game to 15 and still losses.

    3. Itz Noah

      u needa stop going for highlights and focus on winning . he should not have scored 10 points that easily .

    4. Aaron Chang

      Honestly flight could've won the 1v1 if he played defense

    5. Amari Williams

      Flight, you gotta rematch agent. he cheated the you in the 1v1 bruh, he making you look bad

    6. Ahmon Bryant

      Flight yo bro you had that win man smoked made lay ups I be doing reps or 5 each hand 🖐 🤚 I know you got this though are you going to rematch? 🤨

    7. We Static

      This guys flight is sooo fucking trash 😂🤦🏽

    8. M.O.D 3x

      Flight your 7’1 just go for layups u can easily overpower him his like 5’9 cmon flight u can win 1v1 if u do this men!!

    9. StunnaCole

      Agent got potential


      “Uh 11 or 15?” Lol

    11. dennis wulff

      Hands down one of the worst basketball players and most unathletic people on this planet. This dude is a clown and an embarrassment to himself and his family.

    12. T24 Mamba8

      We need a new 1v1 fr

    13. Bugee


    14. Supreme Santa

      4:00 hotspot left side of the goal baby!

    15. LT Weatherly

      flight your a wanna be curry and i am 12 hitting those shots

    16. Forest Zelmer

      All I see are bricks and air balls

    17. Elmoeatscheerios

      The floor tilted

    18. KBLKing30

      They called a 2 a 1 then a 1 a 2 so it evened it out

    19. Nadiya reacts

      Tbh Agent is doing too much

    20. SPH Sully

      Need part 2

    21. Amoney YT

      I want to 1v1 flight and agent

    22. Amoney YT

      Bro agent is butt

    23. Dax Lonetto

      Who misses his one vs ones 😣

    24. Derick Veliz

      no excuses ,but this is why i didnt win against agent 😂🤦🏽‍♂️😂🤦🏽‍♂️😂, maybe if you wouldve hit alteast half of your shots you wouldve won

    25. Derick Veliz

      why yu replay every trash shot 🤣

    26. Dane Whitney

      Why’s agent look so THICC tho

    27. Blue Runners Rent A Ride


    28. Sauce Jackson

      Agent not no baller m.kgup.info/get/oZyVeKarjICenZ0/video

    29. Troy Holloman jr

      Agent 00 gotta be 6’1 or 6’0

    30. mcbuckets

      Flight lost to somebody who sits down and eats chips all day

    31. alex cuellar

      your basketball its bad men

    32. Fanatic •

      Imagine losing to this fat gamer bum omg flight

    33. Van - Isaac

      flight you just need to work on defense not offense

    34. Van - Isaac

      fr they hella cvheated my man wtf bro

    35. Willie Wonka


    36. str8 smokin

      Is this guy for real does he really think he s good at ball or he just trollin


      I like that I see these comments about he kicks the ball into ceiling and all. He’s mom: GET YOUR BITCH AS ON BED, ITS BELT TIME

    38. Red is a qt

      Flight, Flight, cmon man, you should've won

    39. Trips

      Flight needs to use his speed and height more

    40. Supreme Youngboy

      Flight scores he the only one cheering but when agent scores:👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    41. marco arenci

      Man I gotta say he got better. Now he can shoot like 20% from three which is not good but is better than 0 out of 30

    42. Volx FX

      I like how you told the refs to bullshit

    43. A.T.K RFLOR

      Both of em are trash I’m 16 and I could beat them like a walk in da park

    44. John Harris

      Wow everything seems possible for me when I seek the help of www.trackcentury.com they’re remarkable

    45. Jessie Mitchell

      Flight was chilling he didnt really put effort he just wanted it to be over quick

    46. Nehemiah Walker

      Flight like this man a guffey

    47. MackADoYa

      ur weird as hell

    48. WearyColt

      So Agents one of them....

    49. Anime Goat

      That’s a 1😂

    50. SyckoRange

      8:56 flight did 2k glitch dunk but missed and lay

    51. Danker Popsicle

      How flight got better but still the worst I've ever seen

    52. im jjxckk


    53. ZWGaming Zz

      Like for FlightReacts 1v1s! He has been a coward for not making a 1v1 video since 1 month ._.

    54. vDelaydd

      This is like watching two bots fight in fortnite

      1. ZWGaming Zz


    55. MoBanddzz

      1v1 me flight i live in newark new jersey my ig is mo_made_ybc cuz you ass

    56. Brendonata123

      Both sum bums, sad I could beat flight lmao, sn, chill on my favorite reactor

    57. Asc3end

      Please 1v1 JxmyHighroller

    58. FleekPlayz

      me : hearing duke but not seeing him

    59. kmoneygaming

      thats tuff

    60. Certified Amen

      He 1v1ing the most unathletic dude

    61. litboss


    62. Emmanuel Dimo

      Too good🔥

    63. SW

      This loss got into his head💀💀💀

    64. iluv mike

      hey flight even though you won’t see this but i think your 1v1 vids would be better if you have a score board in a corner at all times

    65. James Corey

      No excuses... But the reason I lost was cuz I have a raw spot on my ankle

    66. Madden with enriqueee

      Agent not even that bad lol there’s way worse 2k you tubers out there lol

    67. Madden with enriqueee

      Why agent got a XXXXXXXXXL shirt on 💀

      1. SW

        He losing weight and he's not gonna buy any more clothes until he hits his weight loss goal

    68. alpha barrie

      Flight joining AMP. 2021!! gon be lit. AMP vs. 2HYPE 5v5???? 😧

    69. Edgars Korns

      This guy is such a clown.

    70. Vern Bishop

      Before he made that his 3rd point bro took a big ass 4 steps😂💯

    71. Hasel Polanco H

      He only won cause he’s fat

    72. 2_sxlid -ant

      All agent do is post too da paint 🤣🤣

    73. Purple Filth

      flight I love your videos like real talk your genuinely a good guy my man. I see you doing your thing so I gathered some tips and constructive criticisms based on your 1v1s and play style. 1. Don't ever turn your back when you're guarding ball. Square your feet up with the defender arms out, or lead foot to force them to use non dominant hand. Never expose back. You'll get exposed on the highlight reel. for instance a step back jumper 2. Take 100 shots a day. You got the good IQ shot selection down for sure. You will become a THREAT from the 3 pt no doubt if you just practice your jumper. It may seem like a lot of shots or time consuming but it's worth it if you want consistency.( If it's too time consuming for you, then investing in a goal outside your home and just practicing your shot when you're bored is not a bad idea at all. or just smoke a blunt?) 3. practice dribbling moves/moveset. I used to not be able to dribble between one leg but with 2 hours a day practice in 3 months I was breaking ankles everytime I stepped on the court. Handles are the butter to good offense. 4. Do 100 layups a day. When shots just aren't hitting what's the next move besides pass? Drive and take it to the rim. A sweet touch looks cool but most importantly a sweet touch can easily be a game changer

    74. Ian Fair

      Flight got robbed...

    75. Montage Reality

      Perition for him to react to girlhefunnys diss track

    76. Dameia Smith

      3:07 flight bounce the ball with 2 hands. Trash can juice lol.

    77. Sunday Venom

      I’ve been hooping for 20 years and it’s my first time watching basketball on KGup I heard this is the place. ........ Are these guys for real?


      That rim is gay because some of their shots should’ve went in

    79. Deborah Hill

      In June flight will be hitting those floaters

    80. Jeffrey Johnson

      I don't know how you miss so many calls and get calls wrong.I mean I don't want to call garbage but, the ref taking points off the board on soft layups, traveling to get buckets, whole body behind the 3pt line and that's a one, foot on the line and that's a 2. Ref getting challenged for next game with these trash calls.

    81. Yearkiller

      so no ones gonna mention how great flights game looks though, I’m really impressed at the progression in his footwork, and follow through. sure he still loses from time to time but if this dude keeps playing as often he is, it’ll be muscle memory before long. Y’all are buggin.

    82. V1c _TheHooper

      I want to play this man sooo... bad that would dev get my channel started I would embarrass him then get views simple

    83. Ian Ceron

      All agent did was post up or do layups

    84. BandupDrewTV

      Agent 00 and that dumbass ref a cheater they know that was a 3 pointer wth

    85. Phoebe Kardashian


    86. Bruh

      Flight playing against someone unathletic but still loses😂😂 that’s how trash he is

    87. Ji Kim

      Flight if you need some training HMU I got you

    88. dar_thetruth

      None of these KGuprs will play me 😂🤣😂

    89. dar_thetruth

      1 on 1 ?

    90. Specky

      Flight! React to my 1v1 video lmao that shit funny! Atlease watch the first minute and decide if you want to watch the rest lol

    91. joshua sisler

      Hey. Your doing great. I just wanted to stop and give you a little advice. 1. If your opponent is shorter than you like here and you see he’s not jumping when you go up with it don’t go for the fade away. That just decreases your accuracy. 2. When your playing defense you wanna get low lower center of gravity they can push you around as bad when they post up. Also on defense stay on the balls of your feet. I’ve noticed a lot that your standing there flat footed and you constantly have to go from flat to the ball of your feet before you can move or go for a block. But you have improved a lot. Your definitely getting somewhere with all of this. Goodluck

    92. Keron Provo

      flight you honestly need to get better, just be more consistent, dont force your shots, get in the gym dude

    93. Spaghettios & Meatballs

      agent got that drug addict auntie look

    94. Long Jun Zhen

      stop the excuses flight

    95. Tray way 69

      Ur trash

    96. tired

      Agent is a irl Post Scorer

    97. hogybear22

      I love flight to death but it is insane how bad he is!!! Legit impressive that he plays basketball so much and misses shots in the most spectacular ways.

    98. SMC Highlights

      Basketball 1v1👉🏽 kgup.info/get/pIdtdZ6womx5jak/video

    99. Octane

      Leafy really want dat smoke

    100. Tha Mad Hatter

      Flight ✈️↘️🔥 has no flight sorry as hell crying lmao 😭