FlightReacts NUGGETS at WARRIORS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | April 12, 2021!


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    1. Cameron Lacy

      LeBron have play like that

    2. jUst Cinnamxn

      goddamn his laugh

    3. Jamarkus Edmond

      you couldnt even bet cheeseaholic bro just stfu

    4. JG Vlogs

      so we not gon talk about 9:27...

    5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


    6. A4orDaBLe


    7. Official Kelly

      No ads Flight 😂

    8. Don

      12:10 look at his full reaction.

    9. Peterjeffson Armah

      i got my check

    10. Potato

      1:51 jokic is 7 foot 13 😂

    11. Tine Zakotnik

      yo make discord

    12. zyx

      anyone here after the warriors got blown tf out

    13. Cʜᴀʀʟᴇs_Sᴛɪᴄᴋʙᴏɪ

      *D o l p h i n D r i p.*

    14. Malaki Daniels

      This man has the most greatest intros of all time

    15. The Realest

      he talking shit about aaron gordons Afro like flights afro was all that😭 mans looked like a straight crack head in dis bih

    16. Brayden Marazzi

      Flight showed his real laugh

    17. Zac Cantor

      Murray tore his acl right

    18. Junior Jimenez

      He called Aaron Gordon a nobody

    19. lawcup

      “Is that javale McGee, that man getting passed around like a blunt in this mufucka” 😂😂😂

    20. heyzX

      wth happend to you voice XDD

    21. rメ

      s͛̐̏̇̃̒̀͑͗̉̈͗͌̈͌̀͐͋̎͋͑̋̈́̍̒͂̅̊̋̚̕̚̕͞͡͡w͊́̉̄̾̐̽́̑̆̏̋̅̂͋͛́͡͡͞i̛͐͋̓̈́̄̉͌̈́́̏̒̑̑͛͂͌̓̄̃̓͆͒̓̿̚͠͡͡͞͞ḟ̛̌̔̽̽͊̐̓̃̿͐͗͛̄̈́́̓͑͂̈́͒̂́̅̕t̛̐̔̿͗̽̿̿̑̈́̒̿́͂̉̄͋̾͊͗͐͊̌͋̈́̌̔͋̆̾́̕͝͝y̛̅̑̏̋́ s͛̐̏̇̃̒̀͑͗̉̈͗͌̈͌̀͐͋̎͋͑̋̈́̍̒͂̅̊̋̚̕̚̕͞͡͡w͊́̉̄̾̐̽́̑̆̏̋̅̂͋͛́͡͡͞i̛͐͋̓̈́̄̉͌̈́́̏̒̑̑͛͂͌̓̄̃̓͆͒̓̿̚͠͡͡͞͞ḟ̛̌̔̽̽͊̐̓̃̿͐͗͛̄̈́́̓͑͂̈́͒̂́̅̕t̛̐̔̿͗̽̿̿̑̈́̒̿́͂̉̄͋̾͊͗͐͊̌͋̈́̌̔͋̆̾́̕͝͝y̛̅̑̏̋́ when some trying to hype up the morning be like 14:06

    22. Super saiyajin Goku

      Yo im still remember that try not to cry reaction and that was the best video

    23. MileHigh Den

      #7 on Nuggets would lock ya ass up boi quit playing, he had your boy steph in his feelings

    24. uziyxng

      Curry For MVP !

    25. Joel De la cruz

      “And the rest of nobodies “

    26. Liam Wett


    27. Trey Ryan

      ✝️We pray that Jamal Murray has a quick recovery✝️🙏

    28. Trey Ryan


    29. Marky Pooh

      Flight low key falling off

    30. Kevin Coyle

      When flight think porter is Michael Carter williams

    31. Kevin Coyle

      “The rest are nobody’s” Michael porter jr.: 👁👄👁

    32. 寛Hiroshi Isamu

      "number 0 you are a school threat."

    33. SNYX

      12:32 “what’s with these knee injuries, players not drinking enough milk” LOL

    34. Adam Salhab

      React to Jake Paul

    35. Daniel Liñán Molina

      wait til he discovers number eleven on the nuggets name is m.morris

    36. wavymelly

      Nico would destroy flight🤧

    37. Natashia Coss

      Flight you should react to Warriors vs Celtics

    38. Caleb Jackson

      You on the scoreboard

    39. Trizzy _

      forgot bol bol

    40. ziad boulakchour


    41. Ronald Mack

      Just realized Flight looks like G-Herbo

    42. Grant Flowers


    43. TJ 2Nice

      Does he not know thats aaron gordon?

    44. Chris Barclay


    45. TFR Boys

      bring back nba ballers

    46. JAMAR m762 YT

      Flight say Jordan Poole for the warriors he actually averages like 12 points per game it’s funny

    47. 62wpet

      Man I respect flight when he sees someone get hurt. He actually cares

    48. Sizzla Alvarez


    49. Jay Isom

      What happened to bol bol flight

    50. Starboy da great

      his reaction is frickin wierd

    51. Ajstyles1738

      He goes from mad at the end to becoming happy when he realizes the warriors won

    52. CH Gaming

      Curry - try’s a pumpfake but his grip is a little loose and the ball spins Flight - OMG Curry just created a new basketball move, lebron could never

    53. Preston Wightman

      Rip jamals ACL

    54. Andy

      Yessir splash bro

    55. Sumanth Kamath

      What's with the knee injuries bro? Players don't drink enough milk?😂 Haha😂😂😂 hilarious 😂 But Yes, Wish Murray a Quick recovery! Nobody wants to see an injury😭

    56. Brayden Page

      He forgot bol bol😔

    57. Ziggycool115


    58. Joshua Pollard

      Day 1 til I smoke with flight

    59. lol


    60. helo how u do

      niggaaaaaa curry aint number one in all time relax itl happen when he 40 lmao

    61. Akshat Kothari

      Man flight got to respect nba players more. He delusional no cap.

    62. Shane O

      Dump that zero.

    63. Daniel Robinson

      For May: It’s May and hopefully this makes y’all day. like so flight sees

    64. Lian Bello

      12:50, fastest mood change of all-time.

    65. Ethan Amalfi

      flight v scalabrine it has to happen

    66. MarcusandMarco Magadia

      Yo im a big fan of you for a year and been a warriors fan for 3years

    67. Jared Bent

      Curry: *does nothing* Flight:”ohhhhhh Curry just created a whole new nba move 🤩🤩”

    68. Jose Martinez, Jr.

      respect for flight when jamal went down.

    69. Gem Jake

      Is he really this delusional? or is it an act?

    70. Aaron N Bruce

      Curry's pass: Gets tipped Flight: "Yo, Curry came up with a new move."

    71. Casey Farrell

      Yoooo when he was moving the camera 😂

    72. Carter Johnson

      When you have number 11 monte Morris’s jersey and Flight says he has no jersey sales

    73. Russell's World

      “Get off the rim before you get a tech"💀

    74. Lil TonyK1

      Man I hate when flight says anything about sports when he’s dog water

    75. Ex2 snagg YT

      Porter Micheal porter Williams dude😂

    76. Brady Wirtz

      Number 2 on the Warriors was the number one high school player at his time he average 35+ points and could put u in a complete blender flight ahahahhahahhahahahahahah

    77. Normal-DPOY

      Pray for Jamal Murray the warriors are gonna when !!??🤣🤣

    78. Lurx伊斯

      i love how flight covers the score board

    79. JossehRivera

      Where's the new post flight??

    80. Metroplay

      Flight gonna tell his grandchildren he was Steph Curry

    81. Joey Lewis

      Flight went from nooo not Jamal Murray to curry 53 yay! so quickly

    82. schizowallflower


    83. Mrs Walker

      Hey I just added u from vu is this flight

    84. Chris Mabry 😒

      7:35, flights laughing at him: 12:51, flight realizing that Jamal got injured extremely concerned

    85. Isaac Kay

      flight Jamal Murry suffered from a torn ACL so what Klay Thompson did

    86. sslipzz 0

      Tbh flight just clowns the white guys in the league it’s ok tho cause you goated respect 😎

    87. KS_Debfyed

      Ur so delusional sheeez

    88. The Lit Family

      Aaron Gordon is a nobody?

    89. JD Gutierrez

      He said Steph curry is a nobody when he crossed someone

    90. Manuel Rodriguez

      Love how flight is blocking the Nuggets scoreboard

    91. Hahahahaha Gioioff

      React to the warriors and thunder

    92. Ant No cap

      Exactly salty nuggets 🤣

    93. Paula Reyes

      React to warriors vs thunder

    94. Bryan Lopez

      number 0 dude ahh idk who you are u won’t b in the league in 15 days 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    95. Empty Dark Soul

      Aaron Gordon got me dying 😭

    96. Soqzfn ॐ

      Bro what he lost the ball how is that better than lebron James Career

    97. Kevin Nguyen

      what about the 32 chriss dude

    98. Sea Kay

      Bro flight was definitely on adderral in this vid he would NOT stop talking lmao. He didn’t even notice curry breaking wilt’s record

    99. Micah Johnson

      Man flight so funny. He says he could beat NBA players lol. He would be on the ground

    100. dylan janovich

      This man flight said he would take the ball from #2 on the warriors (Nico Mannion)