Flight - My Pretty Lady (Official Audio)


286 миӊ. көрүүлөр29

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    Backup Singer:
    Faride Blanco
    Produced by:
    Written by:
    Kimani White
    Faride Blanco
    Cristina Helena Amador
    Gabriela Simonne Weitzenfeld

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    1. BionicallyAComputer


    2. Gang time

      sounds like janet back 5 months later or a light skin person lol

    3. Sosa Takeoff

      Cash nasty in the black cut shirt boppin lol ... "Flight this the one "

    4. heroinfather

      My Pretty Lady best song on the album Disingenuous my favorite song on the album

    5. 4 Frmcf

      She killed that hook this shit hard 🔥🔥

    6. KeSean Ellington

      Best song on the album no cap 🔥

    7. 6ix Rhs2

      “Come get on it flight pause”😂😂

    8. Ryan Santner

      my fav song

    9. Djene Kaba

      This should be on a 2k soundtrack!!🖤

    10. Babyboyrojo -_-

      Bro what the beat called😭


      Who is singing?

    12. Aazib Abdullah

      All that until u realize u stole lyrics again

      1. Jahki Murray

        A lot of mainstream rappers steal lyrics to

    13. Drippy Ro

      Why this sound like Janet



      1. Sebastian Swan


    15. William Pictou

      is it just me that cryed after seeing everything that flight did in his career starting from nothing to everything all the upsets all the parts that he didet think it whould get better but no matter what he kept grinding to be where he is now

      1. Jahki Murray

        Fax he went from everybody calling him a walking L to carrying 2020 and to everybody loving him

    16. Josh

      I added this to my Spotify and it really gets too you if you understand the lyrics linked to the beat

    17. slime__zzz

      Omg you a freaking goat 🐐

    18. Cledas Dinkle Berray

      If he was famous and had Ariana grande instead of this women this would probably be on the radio

      1. Jahki Murray

        He is famous he just isn’t signed to a label

    19. Malachi J

      This is actually pretty fire ngl

    20. LeBum Productions


    21. Jahki Murray

      How is this song slept on with singing in it

    22. Isaiah Dahgoat

      I actually addded this to my playlist

    23. Strengthful

      Broooo flight labeled her as a backup singer I just realized 🤣🤣🤣 thats cold

    24. Tre

      Yoo this hit different no that the news with that bit lanet came out

    25. RxkLee

      This song hit different after his video abt his girl

    26. Srku 7

      This hurts after hearing what happened with his baby mom

      1. Sosa Takeoff

        Good comment ! God bless

    27. Žāčķ -_-

      This lowkey slaps hard asf

    28. andrew16312

      YO THIS SONG MADE ME FREAK OUT!! After watching flights video about his baby momma this song makes sense to me. Is it secretly about her ?🤔🤔

    29. Prince Vegeta

      Flight lyrics starting to make sense with Janet he’s a genius

    30. YNKJAY

      Who here after Janet and flight incidents

      1. AjAWESOME500 aj

        Me and this song so fye

      2. M e m e g o a t s


    31. Shibou Samaツ

      I ain't know this nigga Flight was Zamasu now

    32. Ramuk


    33. GTD Drippy


    34. Leda Denjay

      this fire🔥

    35. Fantapapi

      Danm flight this kinda fire

    36. Charlie Erickson

      Flight def recorded this in June

    37. JGGreene 10


    38. Martim Pinho Santos

      Man I love flight no homo

    39. ImExix

      If this dropped in the 90s/early 2000 flight would be the next 2pac Rip 2pac

    40. ImExix

      You can hate flight all you want but this just solved the war

    41. Nola Boy

      Who is the girl?

    42. Tysen Gallano

      music video

    43. Kahmari B

      why isn’t this at 1 Million yet?

    44. J BOY D

      if flight dropped this in 2000-2011 it’d be a platinum hit

    45. randy savage

      jit is STEALING BARS

      1. Jahki Murray

        How he a jit

    46. Alexis Rodriguez

      Stop stealin lyrics🙄😂

    47. Ryu Grier


    48. YE-Mindset

      My typa better

    49. Coreygotmoney22

      This remind me of 2pac type shi

    50. Coreygotmoney22

      I like how he had the girl singing who is that she sounds good fr

    51. WydRoy

      tupac Vibez

    52. SimonTheSeshmaster

      Only good song one the album

    53. SlattxZelly

      This is grarbage

      1. Iso

        @CwctProductions lmaoo 😂

      2. CwctProductions

        Stick to fortnite mobile buddy

      3. Iso

        how ?

    54. Azuxami

      Flights potential is big proof is right here

    55. Ben Dover

      Damn flight f🔥

    56. Ultra Instinct

      This song Makes me Feel like life is gonna be good Again

    57. James Aguilar

      is the girl singing actually a real person or just a bot

      1. Coreygotmoney22

        Actually bro u hear her little moans LMAO or now they call them vocals

    58. Jericho Sales

      This one of his best songs and its real heat💪🏾

    59. Praxedes Laid Nguema Rabat

      This song should of have more verses and be longer but flight to lazy to do that stop being so lazy

    60. Pnies

      This is easily one of his best songs. Just soothing.

    61. Sour Patch Kid • 62 years ago

      1:15 shoueeezzz

    62. Gator Dust Busters LLC.

      This sound like something that would be on Madden

    63. Ted Godfrey

      love it

    64. MM20

      This song hits different on mute

      1. Ortic Wer

        Nah u a hater

    65. Yung_Amr

      this fire

    66. Jacob Banzuela

      this song sticks out

    67. GAMING_WITH_ K.T.V

      should’ve name me john because I haven’t cena women yet🔥🔥🔥🔥

    68. Clifton Lawson

      Is that flight girl😍😍😍

    69. DW_Vibin


    70. Maria 10

      Who sang it better flight or paperchasinj😂😂

    71. Hip hop 90s

      I feel like his music ain’t a meme no mo

    72. TomahawkPro

      Flight on his light skin ish

    73. J8RRY -

      Janet the girl singing 🤔

      1. Oryx_I

        damn, possibly

    74. Yung_Amr

      good song bro

    75. Yung_Amr

      one of the best on the album

    76. The champ Visionboy

      Who is that singing

      1. JC_Gamer455

        Kimani White Faride Blanco Cristina Helena Amador Gabriela Simonne Weitzenfeld

    77. Mac Mula

      this shit deceeeennnntttt

    78. Xunatic

      U copied to much in the start

    79. un comp

      I still fw you doe

    80. Yeodo Bro

      Def ghost written he ain’t got it like that

      1. Jahki Murray

        Song still slaps

      2. AyceLUL

        he do man

    81. Yk KennyYT


    82. Chris Reyes

      Wwww flight

    83. BigLezTV

      He said you should of named me John cause I haven't "Cena" woman yet 🔥🔥


        And stole lyrics and still made it better than the original

    84. ThatFlame

      This song would be dope If he didn’t rap

    85. ツcloudedd

      Janet listening to this:👁👄👁

      1. terrell jordan

        lol the lips

    86. Vanishing sanity

      Watching this afta the expecting video 😭.

      1. SolaR Bryce

        Is that Jannet wannet

      2. Ice In My Veins

        Makes sense now 😂

    87. Kurt Montgomery


    88. Kha'lil Smith

      Easily the best song on the album

    89. mayonaise ; /

      But you stealing lyrics from other youtubers like @girlhefunnyaf

    90. Jo-Smooth

      Best song Flight made and it ain't even his, man's stealing lyrics 😔

    91. zaezae

      why yo songs be so short cuz🤷🏾‍♂️

    92. Reggie Hemphill

      I like how dragon ball super is in this

    93. Aiden Medina

      this shit go hard

    94. samuel Rabat

      Just came from girlhefunnyaf disstrack im 💀💀💀💀💀


      I just hate how all the songs in the album are hella short

    96. Tay Hogans

      Call me John I haven’t cena yet🔥👑💫

    97. SSB Stream Clips

      Runnin' to the money, that's a mandatory check Why the fuck you always yappin'? You should stick to talkin' less Real quick to cut her off, middle fingers to my ex Should've named me John 'cause I haven't Cena woman yet You be sittin' on the couch talkin' out your mouth Smile when I'm around, as I leave they talk down Only rockin' for a reason, man, she fuckin' for the clout Now she say I'm actin' different, can't be fuckin' with no clown [Chorus: Faride Blanco] I love you, then leave you 'Cause I know you go insane We're fucked up, yeah baby But wе love to play this game They bе talkin' 'bout me, baby Got a lot of shit to say While they hatin', they prayin' That you'll look the other way [Verse 2: Flight] They gon' fill you up with lies just to get up in your space Have you walkin' in the rain like you think you found the way Straight manipulate, have you out here stuck up in your space I ain't never had a friend 'cause all these niggas hate Now you walkin' and you runnin', man, why you gotta change? Come on, stay up in my shoes, you would understand my pain Now you walkin' and you runnin', man, why you gotta change? I just want the chicken, I just want the cash, leave the fame [Chorus: Faride Blanco] I love you, then leave you 'Cause I know you go insane We're fucked up, yeah baby But we love to play this game They be talkin' 'bout me, baby Got a lot of shit to say While they hatin', they prayin' That you'll look the other way [Outro: Flight] That's just my, my bae That's just my, my pretty lady That's just my, that's, that's...

    98. ツcloudedd

      now this track lowkey slaps he doesn't try to hard and he just chill

    99. Terrance NBA TV


    100. QUEEN J

      I acc love thiss 😩he keeps getting better 🔥🔥