Flight - Heat Cheque (Official Music Video)


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    1. Lakia Star


    2. Lakia Star

      FTC👑 Flight Team Stand Up 🙌🏽😘💞

    3. TIV67 Playz

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    4. Miresco

      such an insprational song even in Germany he is the best

    5. Bryce Goated

      “ Have him chocking on that neck fat”😂


      Flight rap like it's the early 2000s

    7. STACKIN

      Ya music vids be fye 🔥🔥🔥 more fye then these other rappers

    8. youngbull 903


    9. Antoine Winfield Jr

      In the beginning, i thought my headphones were broken.

    10. Error

      while playin this im doin his dance lmao

    11. Ramsello

      For a second I thought the whole video was just him saying “heat cheque”

    12. NBA Kid Gamer

      1:32 stolen lyrics

    13. Gloria Waller


    14. Gucci GANG


    15. TNL Swag

      Fun Fact: in this song, Flight says “Heat Chequers” 67 times.

    16. Langa Mtshotshisa

      This is too nice can i get heat cheque @zizilanga.thekid (ig)

    17. Nikovision06

      1 MILI

    18. 704 Goat

      I gotta learn the dance !! 😭😭😭

    19. Dylan Rose

      This video is a epilepsy tester

    20. OptimusReim420


    21. Tay Mya


    22. Robert Wayne


    23. Manuel Gonzalez

      No lie when I heard this the first time on stream I thought he was saying “e-check”

    24. Cub4-life

      A heat what

    25. O_O Lel

      Guys, correct me if im wrong but i think he wants a heat check

      1. Rikaylia Picart


    26. Yvng Goat

      When he said heat check I felt that😭

    27. Erika Perez

      Fun fact flight say heat check 81 times

    28. Idir Abozakhar

      I literally searched up the lyrics and 99% of the song says "Heat Check"!

    29. Ezekiel Alezandre

      The music vid low key hits 🔥

    30. Jakester 50

      This beginning looks like rap gd

    31. nxndribbler

      When he said heat cheque, "I felt that"

    32. Ocutts

      Can i get a heat check my boy flight wit anada banger! 🔥

    33. Quizxx Flowers


    34. housway productions

      He needs a heat check

    35. iShootXBricks


    36. Vanny ASMR

      999,986 views ALMOST A MILLION

    37. Hg Gh


    38. Y B


    39. Realsausygod Frfr

      Yooooo heat check my nigga

    40. The Universal Gaming

      2:09 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    41. ayeKellz


    42. Nathan Plaks

      Yessir! Fire!

    43. Mike!

      can i get a heat cheque

    44. x kÿuta

      I like where he said I’ll smack em wit a tampon

    45. Aiden Densmore

      u got no heat

    46. Oscar Ramirez

      Bruh stole a whole verse bar for bar💀

    47. Mr.POPO

      Bruh put this on 2k22

    48. Clint Westwood

      eat ya eat ya eat ya eat ya eat ya eat ya eat ya eat ya eat ya eat ya eat ya eat ya eat ya eat ya

      1. Rikaylia Picart

        Bruh y'all need to stop..... Lmao

    49. lj d

      Look at flight man so inspirational

    50. Jillian Coppernoll

      Who’s white and watching this 😂

    51. John Geffrard

      Guys I think he said heat cheque!

    52. Ray Syed

      all he says is get a heat cheque

    53. BTG Kevin

      Heat Heat

    54. BTG Kevin

      Heat Cheque> Gucci Gang

    55. Ali Omar

      let's get to a milli milli guys

    56. Jake Waugh

      I was questioning why you just said “heat check” over and over for the first minute and then you started “rapping”............

    57. Armani K.

      The video is hard

    58. yugo

      American version of Lamborghini

    59. Budz

      I recorded it, I just didn’t have the cameras on

    60. Really Taetae

      Half of this is copyrighted talkin all that shit I’ll smack you with a tampon is copyrighted

    61. rDh mArS

      Shit Talking: 20% FTC: 5% Heat Cheqe: 75%

    62. Melissa Morelli

      Heat check Me😂😂😂😂

    63. Rockin Robinn


    64. FunnyHaitian Videos&Memes

      Let's get this video to 1million views and 250k likes. I know yall can do it

    65. richmills23 gaming


    66. C. Harrison

      Btw captions are in French

    67. Gabriel Cabrera

      From 0.15 to 0.54 he said heat check🤦🏻‍♂️

    68. Gabriel Cabrera

      Bro if the intro wasn’t so long this shit would have slapped

    69. Chris Cole

      Heat cheque=Heat Check Heat Check=Miami Heat paycheck Miami Heat paycheck=Lebron James Flight likes Lebron confirmed


      All I heard was eat che

    71. Jwittheloot 1414

      Fire ass vid

    72. NOCAP NEWS

      Get your “here before a MILLY MILLY” ticket here 👇

    73. shawtyvro 痛み

      1 million views before new year?!

    74. kesi music

      Flight said to get this to 1 milly milly on ig lets see how fast we hit it

    75. Luis Mercado

      Ima watch this video until he gets 1 mill

    76. Yahzara Berto

      Bro I’m tryna face this guy in basketball he scared 🤣🤣

    77. Freddy VanFossen

      Almost at 1 million views!

    78. Prodby Flclyde

      I came here for "heat cheque"

    79. big daddy cookie monster

      lyrics: ecchi 100000x

    80. Susan Elliott

      I thought there were gonna be boys in stead of girls in this song but at least flight has some sense

    81. MR POPO

      Everyone after Christmas break is over

    82. MWGXX Cheeseballz

      Can i use this song from my new youtube intro.

    83. Melina Bahrami


    84. leonedits

      It literally says "Heat Cheque" in the title and people keep saying "Heat Check" I know nobody cares but I have mad OCD and it's annoying

    85. brendon imhoof

      Is it just me or do the visuals to this video remind me of the visuals on Travis Scott and Wiz Khalifa’s song Bake Sale???

    86. BlesivFN

      Flight team stand up

    87. Andrew Tang


    88. Weenie Wuarez

      Homie says it’s for Sneaker heads Flight: Lemme smack you wit a tampon

    89. Cruz

      TJass calab?

    90. Jay Hennessey

      Shit week

    91. Nathaniel Rojo

      Such deep meaning

    92. Doo_are_tay

      This is like a dumber mike sherm

    93. Doo_are_tay

      Gay check

    94. ViZion L2

      Little does people know he copied the lyrics from PaperChasinJ

      1. Tito Lounge


    95. Swoosh MGMNT

      Did that one kid really steal his bars 🤣🤣

    96. hitlickzzz

      didn’t he steal bars from a mexican kid

    97. Neko Bandz


    98. Aesthetic

      Can u get a what?

    99. Kris Nelson

      This is so bad lmao.

    100. bobbby dickhead