FliightReacts 2021 NBA All-Star Game - Full Game Highlights #TeamLeBron​ vs. #TeamDurant​!


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    1. REDD

      *Flight your high af. *The airplane. 20 meters in da air.*. You flight. *Well YOUR WAY THE FUCK UP HERE. HIGH AF*

    2. Jan diether Baronda

      Idiot it's unfair Bec. No durant in the game thats why LeBron is not competing

    3. wet butter


    4. Linden Collins

      Keep sayin Zach Lavine not vane

    5. Joel

      Lillards shot was behind half court, the Corry Steph dude shot it a foot inside

    6. S Reagan

      Look at Steph Curry's son men. That got me trippin

    7. Glen Mark Gregorio

      Look at Bron and Curry Sirs!😯😮😲😱

    8. Smooth Spextz

      Lol ziion

    9. Neyo Holt

      bro flight you wouldn't score over 4 points bro you didn't even score 2 against Mikey it was 30 -1. with lebron mins u wouldn't. ur not steph and I get cash now lol!!!!. all love tho I'm an og

    10. Neyo Holt

      akumpo flight measurements: I would do the same thing if I was 18 foot"53, 1,953 foot" 2 and 2,000 feet

    11. Neyo Holt

      kgup.info/get/eK-el67Jp6SnbaU/video litarally said his name right after u said its back to zach lavine

    12. King Wvo

      Lebron is recruiting curry

    13. Lukas Robinson

      Lebron.......akumpo......jock itch

    14. Adrian Espinoza


    15. Adrian Espinoza

      Bro I fk love flight no gey sh1t no homo

    16. Roy Tsai

      does anyone notice that the title there is two i's in the flighreacts

    17. TrueOmxr

      mans added another i in flight

    18. Khar kashi


    19. dee jinks

      flight so stupid

    20. Joel Kyrie4670 Jones

      What it do flight crew FTC flight team stand up

    21. 10kdai

      18'53 akumpo

    22. 10kdai

      Look at the pa................... why is Rudy Goburt on the floor bro

    23. Maria Filippou

      ' AKUNPO. AKUNPO. Id do the same thing if I was eighteen foot fiftythree bro'

    24. ggomez_ x

      When he said "Look at stephen curry's son man" LMAO.

    25. Jeremiah melendez

      Flight team stand up

    26. Jeremiah melendez

      I hope u know flight, you said Zach Levine name right.

    27. Pig

      I really want that green screen to be fully covered

    28. Pig

      *Yellow* *Bar*

    29. sepzyy

      why does unkunpo have a different height every time 😂😂

    30. Krazy Scales

      4:15 his face changed up so quick

    31. Elijah Grieves

      He said lavine's last name right !!!

    32. Jeremiah melendez

      The way flights face goes down when Rudy gober dunks.lol😅😂🤣

    33. royce taylor

      They reset it to zero cause whoever won the quarter had a donation to a program they chose

    34. Shy Dotti

      Score start over every quarter

    35. Mintyy


    36. Gage


    37. Gurtaran Grewal

      he sounds like hes high

    38. Ora WTF

      when curry dunk i dont be suprised

    39. xxSell

      un tum bol

    40. xxSell


    41. xxSell


    42. Adam Ruskin

      I’m just here bc memes

    43. Cole Whitely


    44. Aj Cuzins

      Legends say curry has a zen

    45. Melles Ghiday


    46. Melles Ghiday


    47. Melles Ghiday


    48. ET Crafter

      My brother watches you it’s so funny to see him stand up lol

    49. Moses Ramirez

      I just realized Flight said when Team KD and Team Lebron were drafting that It was going to be 170 to 150 final score but Team Durant was going to win. But still guessing the score is really crazy.

    50. Insignia

      flight kills my brain cells, and dude just needs to shut up man like damian lillard doesn’t model his game after steph, sure damian lillard shoots like him but that’s the only thing. dude just needs to shut up

    51. Truett Pendleton


    52. Nut Supplier 69

      "Dennis Scrotum" never fails to make me chuckle

    53. M-Game Dash

      3 Facts that Flight will never take in: 1. Damian Lillard doesn't copy Steph. He said it himself. He just shoots like him. 2. Rudy Gobert is one of the greatest shot blockers in the league. 3. Not everyone that can shoot 3's copies Curry. Steph is the best 3 point shooter in the league, but that doesn't mean everyone copies him. I mean, does every fast food chain copy Mcdonalds? That's what I thought.

    54. Hot boy liam LV.

      You are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    55. Megaklis Man

      I think flight loves Gobert

    56. Demigod Apex Carnage

      flight didn't hate lebron cuz steph was on team lebron lmao

    57. m m


    58. Aziz

      Was taking a shit but I had to stand up

    59. Galaxy Beatz

      Flight the biggest simp on KGup

    60. Muyi Cai

      Flight, the only thing you good at is reacting to random things.

    61. Nate Rotzien

      Flight don't ever call lillard curry's son ever again

    62. NAT

      Dumbass crew stand up! 🥴

      1. Jxys

        damn thats how you feel? lol

    63. Jothan Carl Vidal


    64. BENJIツ

      FTC 🔥

    65. Gaming MonSter

      There's a video between the ads

    66. aaron sertterh


    67. OWIL

      i do not watch the full game bcs, I HAVE A LIFE 😂 Lmao

    68. iitssjay

      “i see he has the waves back,been watching a lot flights videos often huh’ delusional

    69. ZILC gg

      React to who I smoke

    70. Dairis Ž

      React to NBA "Wet like Water! 💦" MOMENTS -by Goldenhoops

    71. Hxrsh2k

      8:03 AKUMPO!! traveled

    72. YNW Melly

      Who else waiting for flight to upload on this channel again?

    73. Nicole Turi

      No body: Flight: ZEEEEONNNNNNNNNNNNnnnn...

      1. DOGE

        He committed suicide

    74. Nicole Turi

      No body: Flight: “If jock itch woulda goaltended it, I woulda been in his head.

    75. King Xaba


    76. Videogame Wumbo

      What is dutt

    77. Cowabunga Cory And Charlie Brown yes Bongo no

      Suggestion: React to SpongeBob worms the truth from robot chicken AKA adult swim

      1. Cowabunga Cory And Charlie Brown yes Bongo no

        I meant to say learn

    78. Tekeon

      Harden didn't mention ma boi🤣

    79. Tekeon

      4 points??? I Stuttered 🤣

    80. Tekeon

      Me watching at 4:10am I think it's worth it no sleep🤣

    81. Adam

      i want to hear flight explanation on how brad fakes his stats😂

    82. Jfromblock

      I’m sorry flight but after u got back with her I’ve came to the decision I have to sit down

    83. Spectrum

      He really sat down and called us no body's

    84. Alike_Chest

      Flight each team have to win a period in the 4th you have to go to 170

    85. Jj J

      yo simp! what up?

    86. Boecking Boys

      I wish I had 10000000 alts to leave all thumbs down this guys clueless Jockich!?!?! Seriously

    87. David Villalobos

      "Come on akumpo u gotta dunk that your almost 2000 feet😂"

    88. tamicka hall

      Look at cur. I mean look at dam man😭😭

    89. Jay M

      Jockage?!?! 😭😭😭

    90. Eugene Ramirez

      "He like threw the ball up in the air to Dennis Scrotum"

    91. ItzBurak

      Look at curry man

    92. MM tone

      sheeeesh flight got waves on his forehead 🥶🌊 10:12

    93. C.E.O 4l Music

      GREAT VID U FUNNY BRO 😅😅😅😅#1 FAN🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    94. SWE Gaming

      bro react to kobes last game

    95. Prakash Kumar

      Lillard is underappreciated

    96. Aiden McCullough

      Damien Lilard is better than curry

    97. ANDRE1mang

      This was hilarious lol! I'm not the biggest LeBron fan, but I love his game and his IQ. Been with Team LeBron ever since the 2018 all-star game. He knows how to pick players for this team. I always trust in his judgements. He's won championships with 3 different teams, so that's enough for me to trust that he will make a solid all-star team!! I wish he had Kawhi on his team tho. He loves having Kawhi and KD on his team in the past.

    98. headless jeep ya ya

      Rudy Goburt more like coronavirus

    99. Lane gill Gill

      Damion lilard is curry's dad

    100. Doruk Özmen

      React to if Stephen Curry played mycareer