Reacting To Flight "Disingenuous" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified


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    1. FlightReacts


      1. Peter Griffin but Mexican

        UP ⬆️

      2. Jerrybruv


      3. Eli


      4. jordanseptember12


      5. Micah Mitoko


    2. POISON 13

      9:20 when you feel the holy spirit

    3. Kagen Mehl

      Intro got me dead😂

    4. Carlos Padilla

      THE TEA, THE TEA IS HOT 🔁↩️↔️🔀↔️🔂🔃↖️↔️🔄↪️↕️↙️⬆️➡️⤵️↘️↗️

    5. Zecwy

      do the dolphin

    6. Live

      This nigga hella funny doing the Bowser voice ha

    7. Live

      I need to start making gaming videos too ha

    8. Bob Coronel

      Shit bro I got beef with Jupiter I’m fuckedc

    9. Quzar

      Flight is on his prime right now

    10. Gabe F

      you have shit bars bro keep the work up that shit fire

    11. Arjun Atwal

      my guy is so fuckin hyped up

    12. king _andrew23

      flight is smarter than my 5th grade math teacher

    13. Kxng Highlights

      7:16 when you just got imposter

    14. Caleb Sun


    15. Rhino_vlg

      corona: exists flight vibin with his subscribers: (we cant hate him for that doe)

    16. Dominic Dixon

      your a goat

    17. Keen Wa4Dnr


    18. Mr The The

      When I catch someone in Electrical 0:00

    19. perry family

      siri thing on google

    20. Clutch ZYT

      if i had a quarter for every you know what I'm saying ill be r$ch

    21. flintzySZN

      This man so funny af 😂😂😂

    22. offical spv

      9:21 😳

    23. imagamer


    24. Regular Charles

      yo i cant stand up rn takin a poop

    25. Angie Kunic

      My dudes intro is 5 minutes

    26. Mexzy Jazzee

      9:21 got me dead

    27. YoCarb

      Look at flight man, so inspirational

    28. Zay

      9:21 when you forget to pull out....😂😭

    29. Will Fisher

      This song sucks

    30. TheyKnowXo-

      Da laugh at the beginning 😂 Brodie on demon time

    31. Wah Paw

      talk for 3:47 mins

    32. Michael Flores



      "I don't have my watch" GASPS CONTINUEISLY.

    34. Abdirahman Mohamad

      He listen to him self and saying facts

    35. Kaiser 417

      so randomly can somehow remember how to read

    36. VLowkeyN

      Do yall know that add with lebron and somebody else talking about sprite. that add been here sence like 3 years aago

    37. Tahriq Holley

      2:08 , lol you are the disingenuous manager bro

    38. CardsFromTheNorthSportsCards

      Two negatives do make a positive but it’s ok flight

    39. Brayden Sanders

      Flight this whole video:😁😃 except for when he had a seizure

    40. OSMAN omar

      Flight team we going to stay standing up 😁

    41. Francisco Cervantes

      no hate who watches him after he got clapped by the boi faze rug no excuses flight


      On the road to 5 mili mili seizure

    43. samuel linnevers

      Flight is shorter than his intro's

      1. OSMAN omar

        🤭 wait 🤔

    44. Andre McNealy

      Gucci bucket hat Gucci bucket hat

    45. Matt Ayala

      You don’t gotta explain yo self if you grew up like us you already know

    46. IG: braaddeen

      Flight cappin hella hard on these lyrics we all know the truth now

    47. Saucee

      The only guy that would react to his own video😂

    48. Aiki Osama

      Little did we know that this song was about Janet bandit😢😢

    49. big dek122


    50. Brady Clousing

      F...T....C , FLIGHT TEAM STAND UP!

    51. Endless Galaxyz

      dude, i understand what you're saying

    52. Matt Ayala

      And it’s a good thing

    53. Matt Ayala

      Dude flight is honestly starting a fucking movement with toxic relationships

    54. LaMelo Ball

      Gucci bucket hat....... GUCCI BUCKET HAT GUCCI BUCKET HAT, yuh, Brrr, GUCCI BUCKET HAT.

    55. LaMelo Ball

      3:59 DAMN IM UGLY F*CK. That was so funny😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    56. zackyboy

      gucci bucket hat gucci bucket hat

    57. allstar


    58. Thomas


    59. Stealth Boi

      9:21 when I have 95 three point and still missing wide open three’s

    60. LIL GHEE

      Lmao Not hating on flight he a savage but y’all notice how everything first or second sentence he says “know what I’m sayin” lmao 😂🤣😭

    61. Revive Virus

      what does ftc mean Face-Time-Crew

    62. FizoDF

      6:45 man looks like a frog when the video paused

    63. Cory is goat Saints

      FTC flight ✈️ you’d a real genius

    64. Shxgun.


    65. Jayce Cartagena Vinueza

      what happened at 9:23

    66. cxrve

      i HaVe HiGh BaSkEtBaLl KnOwLeGdE!!!

    67. Pa1n

      9:19 me when my mom and dad are getting in a divorce

    68. L_Y_T

      Yo not gonna lie this new song he posted is fire :fire:

    69. Xienooo


    70. W1nner-

      his vocals when he said shit gets me heated

    71. Santiago M


    72. Blue Official ➊

      1:34 wtf is this guys laugh 😂

    73. sam boxed u ツ

      7:15 when my car try’s to start up

    74. Fort Boogies


    75. Boie youtube

      1:32 somebody come get this dolphin xD

    76. Ftdaily

      Can someone count how many times he said u know what I’m saying🤣

    77. Lulking 4x

      Why you gotta pause so much

    78. sincear terry

      y yo intro soo long

    79. Mobsquadzo Johnson


    80. l1l_t1ny

      Did anyone clap or stand

    81. Lai Robinson

      Wait so it’s not pronounced like that

    82. Slither-face Anims

      Flight don't inc his stolen lyrics because they gonna ask him why he thought of it

    83. Mackenzie Webb

      Why his tongue go like that

    84. Isaac Sanchez

      lmao 10:07 he said "no simping in 2020" *also flight .... "were expecting"

    85. dedos fn

      the laugh at the beginning tho

    86. ExCiL

      Gucci bucket hat Gucci bucket hat

    87. Joe Quavis

      Who had to look up disingenous?

    88. LILDan661

      Flight rockin the gucci bucket hat

    89. Keniya Washington

      well looks like you simped already 🤣

    90. Jeremy Martin

      I love how flight is flights biggest hype man

    91. Alexander Georgiou

      9:21 is he having a seizure

    92. synkッ

      what does FTC mean *wrong answers only*

    93. Birkir Ísak Árnason

      I finna did not shake my ting the whole vid

    94. Viizouss s

      never beaf with a planet

    95. garet FaNgS

      You noutrouble

    96. girlzluvdaytona

      W im not gonna lie i was singin this while watching

    97. k3lvooo Boii

      Flight Team Stand Up

    98. ACEPAK_FALCON 01

      Didn’t any one else realise flight spelt disingenuous as “disingenuous”

    99. Nixx088

      Ceo of you know what im saying

    100. Nixx088

      What does ftc stand for