Hired An NBA Trainer Again But This Time For March 2021!


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    1. FlightReacts

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      1. James jenkins


      2. oShinigamio


      3. Skadoosh bro

        Official March 2021 trailer

      4. chk jay 916

        Got fans in Sacramento CA

      5. Smith 2K


    2. SoleZulu ツ

      You still training? 🤔

    3. Yoboi3drian


    4. King Jasper Williams

      Yes g It’s march ✨✨🌈

    5. Edwon Youngblood

      No 🧢 you teachin him stuff too early he need to get comfortable with his body while learning the basic of the basics with dribbling that’s why he look all awkward he should be dribbling a basketball constantly in his free time that’s how you get used to the ball in ur hands it’s faster Nd it works better. Giving people combos to do builds repetition Nd he won’t jus flow while playin he’ll try doin them weak axs combos Nd get clamped up. You shouldn’t think while playing basketball the game should flow or he should constantly play wit people that are good so he could keep improving.

    6. Strike 2K

      It’s March boys

    7. The sports Yemigod

      Look at the date everyone

    8. Trayvon cuzzo

      ITS MARCH😈🥳🥳🥳

      1. Tre Gamig

        HIS BABY HAS ARRIVED 😈🎉🥳🍾🎊

    9. Bubs Miller

      There’s nothing different than June 2020 Flight 🐐

    10. Emanuil Boshnakov

      1on1 with me. Gonna be fast dont worry. Bet a 5k!!

    11. Irina Urukalo

      Man stop playing basketball you are never going to learn how to play

    12. C Brown

      Better makin it march 2067...

    13. Haro

      This looks promising

    14. CSM Khaos

      I'm taking those shooting tips cause I'm garb out side of the paint

    15. Y B


    16. basic Slayer

      Try to not dribble the ball so high

    17. VillasaW 22

      Buy some property it’s a reliable investment

    18. Pokzus

      It’s pretty “inspirational” to see this man improve 💯💯💯

    19. Sean Leisure

      Flight a trainer ain’t gonna help. I’d easily beat you in a 1v1 and I haven’t played in years

    20. The Boss

      Ok my boy 👌🏽

    21. Thompson Murray

      flight just need to work on his gather

    22. Dom Beans

      For some reason I don’t take flight serious when he plays it don’t look normal

    23. 6TD

      3:07 didn't He say they are trash

    24. Luke popelka

      Irish spring green green!!!

    25. Teamiann


    26. Lil sheep

      If he makes 5 cents per ad for one person watching it and all 419,263 people watched that ad then he would make approximately $20,000 for everyone watching just that one ad

    27. Timothy Grantham

      You need something cause your game is some shit!!!!!💩

    28. Ismail Mohamed

      The thing is flight actually has potential to be a good basketball player, maybe even better than cash, he just doesn't use what he learned while training in games

    29. Aaron Not Rodgers

      This man slow

    30. Laurence Austin

      Is it jus me or does that ball seem like it needs more air?

    31. Chronogon

      Jokes aside, he's improving since lately.

    32. Lolicon

      Flight's camera man is the most supportive human i swear...

    33. Zim Bobway

      Dawg your lower body is goofy af when you shoot jumpers that shit is all over the place

    34. COLOUR skippy

      flight all u need to do is have better body controller i stg

    35. m10Grizzly

      Lookin good but in game time all that shit going away...he need a whole year or 2 to reverse the in game shit he does... Plus they not givin him in game defense .... Put sum grown man shit on him

    36. finesse king38

      i wonder what’s going to be the January

    37. Z God

      bro why you dribble mad stiff (PAUSE) loosen up broski

    38. Jak Barz

      Watch rug still beat you that’s a disgrace

    39. Jimmy Milli


    40. R3uvn

      I didnt watch flight like 4 month i dont know is he good yet

      1. R3uvn

        Nvm he still bad

    41. Thomas Chavez

      Flight you act like your the best when your not

    42. perc GRETZKY

      flight dribbles like a glass cleaner

    43. Mugabe Bruce

      Wow keep going flight you will be better

    44. TheJurassicManiac

      Flight should fix his jumpshot.

    45. Bored Dude


    46. Aiden Graham

      Hey flight I just wanted to let you know that I am now trying to get good a basketball cause you are my inspiration and I’m trying to work out but like I will work out one day and stop I just wanted to know if you had any advice or opinion on how to get better and focus working out if you could plzz tell me that would help me a lot and you are really improving on you game and remember you carried this year and December is here have a good year and I hope you are having a great and good luck with the baby ps your biggest fan see ya next vid

    47. playmaker

      Flight needs to train his stamina fr

    48. KarnageJavy

      Flight it might be smarter for you to not post you practicing your “moveset” because as soon as u start a 1v1 they’re gonna know exactly what’s in ur bag and lock it up

    49. WininAphe

      Flight got them default handles animation

    50. FortFlix Tv


    51. Los3rbboi

      What’s with you and drea?

    52. Yo DudeJames

      Like my coach and my parents say the more you mess up, the more you learn

    53. MLGCeaser

      March 1st is my birthday lets 1v1 flight😀

    54. Slyles

      Flight finna be deadly

    55. Zakaria Ghomri

      your really good at bouncing two balls flight i wonder why

    56. Seven Campbell

      He’s very coachable

    57. Kaleb Acton

      Flight, u should 1v1 me, I’m from Oklahoma and I’m 16, I may be short but I’m a hooper and I feel like I can give u a competitive game, they call me mini Tjass. Lmk if u ever come into town or want to 1v1. IM CALLIN YOU OUT

      1. XytPlays


    58. Smith 2K

      There will be flight jerseys by March 2021

    59. Illisticz

      nah we need another june flight

    60. chk jay 916

      Got fans in Sacramento ca🙌🙌🙌

    61. USB AK

      Who remembers “Im to high to remember i think it’s November” FlightReacts 2020💯

    62. Bummy Cakes

      Keep training, do some conditioning, stop smoking and he is a lethal baller, I guarantee it. Give us some preseason Irl’s too plz Flight.

    63. Bummy Cakes

      You can do all this stuff but with the smoking and weak conditioning it all isn’t going to matter. If Flight wants to succeed, he is simply going to need to condition and stop smoking. The real enemy is fatigue, it makes the best of us athletes look like absolute fools in any sport.

    64. Navonbanks89

      Aye do yo thing flight all respect cuh

    65. stanman bell


    66. R. Baj

      Someone tell this boy he's trash

    67. JVP For Real

      This video was freaking fireeee🔥 I hate people that plug their KGup channels in the comments but I guess I’m doing that now too😔 Check me out if you want! Thanks y’all!

    68. Isaiah Meredith

      I’m tryna see dev train flight

    69. Simply Swavy

      Why do they let him shoot off his heels he needs to get on his Toes

    70. Jaym9000

      "January is here, this my typa year" (copied) Flight should see this

    71. ProdAndroid16

      Man flight you got on a 3wp durag that’s a L Bro

    72. Donald Victor Abao

      I'm legit excited to see flight in march

    73. Jaime Tamayo

      flight to like stiff he not smooth wit it like he look like a crab buh if he keep going bro mans gon get signed

    74. keniko

      15:18 brownish brick brick

    75. keniko

      They all go to el cajon to his gym

    76. using for now

      its been a year januarys here like so he ca see

    77. Brandon Sutherland


      1. Brandon Sutherland

        The form Is way better

    78. 2k

      Lesss go love shake sum

    79. Zach Rigdon

      Bro I live watching him putting in work bro

    80. T Fitzz

      Flight vs cash retmatch?

    81. Young Kidd

      im waiting for rage to drop a basketball video

    82. Hunter Simmons

      1:55 man said I’m pretty sure a lot of people have houses hahaha

    83. Blackbear27 —

      “This is my year,January is here”

    84. Chris.Ubaidah


    85. srkkZeroo

      I’m getting proud of flight I see him improving

    86. srkkZeroo

      I’m getting proud of flight I see him improving

    87. יואב נוימן

      This guy needs to improve his Ball handling skills😬

      1. Klaudius Haw

        He does need to improve his stamina to train how weak he is and handles

    88. cool kid

      without flight I wouldnt have made it through may and june

    89. Jayden Maurice Salahid

      Another year to carry, let's start with January

    90. Antalisha Wilks

      BRO, keep going get better at what you are doing I believe in you please don't let me down. MUCCH LUV BRO :):)

    91. Jusach

      You better then june flight already

    92. Zlqkfn

      Faze rug rematch

    93. Watch Tricxz

      don't be june fight against june cash please I believe in you bro

    94. Justin Gabriel

      I haven’t seen a single thing yet... please tell me he’s a little better and hasn’t forgot everything he learned....

    95. George Miles

      4:59 Flight got that hesitation move on lock🔥🔥

    96. Hbk_ Lopes

      I’m new here who’s he training for ?

      1. srkkZeroo

        Shut up

    97. James Johnson

      “This year is going to be legendary, let’s start off with January”

    98. Austin Krusee

      his movement looks so awkward i cannnt

    99. lmao

      Imagine if flight put on some weight too. He got potential but he gotta get some more muscle.

      1. Klaudius Haw

        He would be so much better if he put in effect does not want to.