Flight - Jealousy Haterz (Official Audio)


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    1. lilz _4k8

      Curry finna pull up at the court like jealousy hattterrrrzzzz

    2. Austin Atkins

      when is this straight fire

    3. TLN Kai

      FTC is legendary yo it is February 🔥🐬

    4. uglygod yadigg


    5. meat

      when you criticize a youtuber

    6. Fareed Rahimee


    7. Fareed Rahimee


    8. Fareed Rahimee


    9. Fareed Rahimee


    10. Tony Crews

      They hating ftc

    11. Slabby Patty

      he got the blueface flo forreal!!!

    12. theyknowcyrus


      1. Sean Higgins


    13. Maximum Greenz

      Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    14. STEP _ON _OPPS Woodley

      Jealousy is haterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    15. Just In Bass


    16. young Barack

      real OG, aint gonna lie this is fire fr fr

    17. Byr Jimmie


    18. Byr Jimmie

      Asss yeah yeah yeah bars

    19. Paulie B

      I know there's not 1 person in this comment section older then 15. Maybe 16 but no way older then that

    20. JGGreene 10


    21. Xevenbops

      Lots and lots of ERRS

    22. RxtroNate

      Blueface could of been featured in this song

    23. iaam. deestiny

      Bootleg blue face 😭😂

    24. DJMicOne

      FlightReacts ft. YBN Nahmir - Stack Racks

    25. Ethan Barthelemy

      This lowkey sound like thotiana beat 🤔 is it just me?

    26. Brandon McNeil

      I feel bad for people who listen to this wannabe rapper 🤮

      1. Jahki Murray

        @Brandon McNeil and explain how you can be a wannabe rapper

      2. Brandon McNeil

        @Jahki Murray nah i got off instantly 🤮 wym

      3. Jahki Murray

        @Brandon McNeil you probably creep on his other songs to cause you know flight that nigga this year

      4. Brandon McNeil

        @Jahki Murray i jus wanted to see how he “raps” but nahhhh its not it 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

      5. Jahki Murray

        And you on his songs

    27. Ryan Osborn

      this is probably the worst music i’ve ever heard and i’ve listened to cardi b once

    28. Joel Santiago


    29. Ese Chico

      This might be off beat more then blue face

    30. TakenTV

      NBAyoungboy who??

    31. Elijah Perkins


    32. DeMarDeRozanFan10_[Drip]

      Top 10 rappers Eminem is too afraid to diss

    33. Praxedes Laid nguema

      Is this for the 2k haters

    34. Stants


    35. Cashcartix

      Pop smoke been Hella quiet since this one Oh wait oh shit

    36. Echorned

      Flight team sit yo ass back down

    37. Hugo Boss

      This song good as fuck

    38. Yk KennyYT


    39. Flamedd

      This dude “raps” with hard r’s too much

    40. FrankelGoated

      "Jealousy asssss haterrrrrrrsssss"

    41. modingnation

      This shit hits haaaard bruh I love this song flight be goin crazy good ay keep up the good work bruh

    42. Michael Rivera


    43. Lil JJ 23

      This one go hard🔥😶

    44. Sxyren


    45. JB2

      ey let’s goooo FTC!!!!!

    46. Imagine Losing

      Holy fucking shit lyrical genius wtf my man's a goat

    47. AK The Menace

      Nobody: Flight: Haturrrzzz

    48. nomeona firstnamebases

      Are these verses stolen too 😭

    49. Davion Johnson

      Best rapper best baller like what else

    50. Khaleb Jr

      Its ok to put more ads flight, we don't mind watching a lil 15 sec ad for you to make a lil bank

    51. Chino Smokes


    52. Grayson Smith

      Girl funny his lyrics

    53. NoobMaster exe

      “I slam dunk her like the blazers”

    54. CUSUKI

      You stole girlyoufunnyaf44 lyrics,I heard💀😂😂

    55. Eryk Extreme Wrestling

      This mane sound like Blueface

    56. SoyBeito


    57. Jah Arctic

      I wonder who he stole this from 🤔

      1. warriorxxi


    58. Fang

      Can you guys share this around so flight can react to it kgup.info/get/ZoqtdHuYh4dpfHc/video

    59. 9000 subs with no videos challenge?

      claim your “here before a million views” ticket here

    60. 4_take.15

      Da hook isn't it

    61. Ghost Productions

      Hot dumpster juice! Fr shit trash 💯💯💯

    62. kyrup


    63. AlejandroElJefe

      he stole this beat too look up the song anti

    64. Gavin Rivera

      Stole lyrics

    65. Recomply

      Stack that paper with paperchasinJ’s lyrics

    66. efenelon18

      Blueface beat lowkey

    67. Vault of Karen Freakouts


    68. High Way

      Curry not gone appreciate this shit

    69. High Way


    70. Craig Byrd


    71. Craig Byrd


    72. Ryan McFarland

      This dude out here copying from girlhefunnyaf44. kgup.info/get/Z4ZsaqTDZIGveGo/video

    73. Where’s Sado


      1. Where’s Sado


    74. Andrew Cary

      Lyrical theif. Girlhefunnys lyrics

    75. Junior Peralta

      Stole girlhefunny lyrics

    76. Flamasaurus

      What in the Nicki Minaj is this

    77. dripknot

      Nobody: Dontai with auto-tune: HAAAAAATEEEEEERRRZZZZZ

    78. Rabbit


    79. lolkhris

      this shit go hard

    80. Koi Matai

      Who he steal these bars from 🤣

    81. ZachariasXD

      People be saying flight is dumb but this mans do be spelling a lot

    82. ᵯůsTaᵽḫa Cồrñḙh

      STOLE Girlhefunny44 lyrics

      1. flight Teamstandup

        Ok and

    83. Yash Talati


    84. Yash Talati


    85. Yash Talati


    86. Yash Talati


    87. Yash Talati


    88. Claireece Coleman

      This shit slaps flight keep doing yonshit

    89. Yuzab



      He googled how to spell jealousy

    91. king jahseh

      RIP Chadwick Boseman 😔🌎🐐🕊🙏

    92. Da Goat Waddles

      Look at Flight being inspirational!

    93. J-dog the man Jones



      Flight finna be on Genius

    95. JT wheeling

      these beats fire

    96. Nicki Minaj

      I cant believe flight really be in the studio thinking this shit is heat.

    97. Rare

      fucking fire

    98. Karnij Air It Out

      J.cole never had bars like this flight would murder him

    99. ManeCapone

      Flight with the inspirational lyrics man

    100. Jo Free

      Do a song with ksi