They Flew Out Thinking I was An Easy 1V1 Drop Off & This Happened...


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    1. Kobe Lightfoot

      Ya that kid at the end might not be the best but he has hustle

    2. sebastian A

      First guy was trash 🤣

    3. Xhya

      Dude flight be instant replayin anythin even the trash stuff 🤣

    4. Jay Trades

      2nd dude so garbage lmao Cocky boy losses to flight😂

    5. Louis

      I ain’t never ever seen you act like this flight ✈️ W

    6. Germy Lames

      flight actually got better

    7. Hsimorp Visuals

      Flight man you’re legit boss 🔥🔥

    8. Abdul is juicy

      Baby on the way

    9. JPANDJL


    10. pickyy0shi

    11. pickyy0shi

    12. HerculezGaming

      09:50 was that a travel certainly looked like one. Flight got better tho gotta give the man props. He’s got a long way to go but he’s got better

    13. SirSwish2Swxggy

      I’m 12 but flight can we please do a one V1

    14. Bonde Zhang

      well...when i see the first dude, I know that will be a boring game...

    15. ツshadow

      4:25 - I SEE U FLIGHT OKAY

    16. Deescrypto

      😭😭😭😭😭😂i had to come see this dude game for myself after that "Im more athletic than Khawi leonard" comment he made... this nigga look like he been playing for acouple weeks at MOST 😭😭😭😭😭IM DEAD shit i knew he was trash the moment i see the ball in his lil baby hands😭😭😭

    17. Evan

      Flights poppin bruh

    18. Drowzy

      Flight got on a bullet proof durag.

    19. xoBOARDIN

      Flights 2k build mid range slasher

    20. TheGameTrainz HD

      Flight finally gave me a reason to subscribe.

    21. Dubb Ess

      I’m Glad Flight Finally Won

    22. LazyXD

      His hesitation are far more crafted and better as well as his defence, finally using his height to block. June might of not been as impressive as we all hoped, but he has definitely improved. Looking forward to what august holds

    23. kbones

      I think if flight worked on his left hand and mid-range jumper, it’ll make him such a better player. In my opinion.

    24. PatchGrinds

      I can easily beat u pls vs me I would smoke u

    25. Salty 76 Lax

      You know I’ve been a big cash nasty fan since 2016 but I can’t even lie flight like on a real note isn’t that bad anymore. Godbless y’all praying for everyone praise Jesus Christ to the one true Lord

    26. resttt-_-

      The fact tht u let him score 🤦‍♂️ he’s worse than mopi

    27. ShiftyGunner

      Bruh I thought that was faze rug lol dude moves just like him too

    28. Michael Dyson

      That 1st game omg. Big dude kept shooting. Them jawns not hittin. Weight on flight drive to basket or back him down.

    29. Ok Or something

      Flights “why you lie it’s July” Record 3-3

    30. philly philly1125

      He bricked every jump shot he took

    31. philly philly1125

      Bro flight says he is so good and he misses a layup he’s sucks bro I’m better than him

    32. cade eats babies

      That second guy looked so dumb

    33. cade eats babies

      Ur shot lookin way better keep working

    34. anonymous gamer

      i didn’t know there was a 2nd game till i saw the comments but as soon as i heard this fool y’all he annoyed me😂🤦‍♂️

    35. Kap

      Flight got hella better

    36. Vin Bus

      Like if flight should face Mario that TikToker

    37. Ben Dover

      Flight low key getting the euro step dow

    38. Malashia Fox

      Blue face said on tiktok he ready for the 1v1 basketball match

    39. Nic Capps

      Yo flight you should come out to New Jersey ! Let’s get a 1v1 here , play everyone from a different state ,

    40. TTK Cam05

      if i was to play flight i would guard da inside

    41. Yousuf Ibrahim

      I never thought I'd see anyone more trash at basketball than Flight. The 1st guy was straight utter trash and the 2nd guy was a try hard 😂😂 they made Flight look good loooool

      1. Jahki Murray

        @Yousuf Ibrahim how ever since June he improved he not up there yet but he definitely got better

      2. Yousuf Ibrahim

        @Jahki Murray He's trash

      3. Jahki Murray

        Because he is good he got better you just can’t accept it

    42. Dalen Justice

      That euro was clean tho

    43. Omar Carmona

      Yo flights shot got way better

    44. I El3M3NT I I

      The yuro doe

    45. Amazing Man8910

      Present flight vs future flight😂😂

    46. TheGoatOC

      I could beat flight

    47. Your Akuma

    48. REDX

      Bruh I got $100 on a 1v1 to 7 & you can have Ball First. I got my own KGup Channel I don’t need no Shout out from you I just wanna play you😄

    49. Sean Miguel Baez

      Yo the 1st 1v1 is the funniest 1v1 I have ever seen 😂


      Hey y’all I’m new to KGup but if you looking for good basketball content and just great content period well come check my channel out and subscribe please !! Preciate the love 🙏🏾💯

    51. Jaime Bonilla

      Bro how do u not fall to the floor and brake your face every time u step nor do u have scoliosis yoback is Broken I’m jacking it u got pelvis pain futb

    52. A Hooper's Journey

    53. Samuelo

      Second dude moves like a special needs kid

    54. AtlasTheGoat

      I know Flights Album is coming on August 7th come back here when I'm right.

    55. avante scales

      2nd dude going so try hard 😂😂

    56. Maksim Lozanoski

      Yeeesir!! lez get it flight!

    57. מדפסת

      טוב כושי

    58. Levi Allen

      Flight looks like a whole new player

    59. Wicked Faygo

      Second dude was pure ass idgaf flight way better than that nigga it look like flight wasn’t trying

    60. The awesome 9 year old

      The 1st guy was chill the 2nd guy was garbage

    61. Joseph Griffiths

      2wins he reckons really versing people they can’t even play basketball go verse cash or soluminati???????????????

      1. Jahki Murray

        It literally said they called him out and he already verse cash 🤦🏾‍♂️

    62. Combo Saucy

      That kids shot was ass even the worst jumpshot on 2k is better then that

    63. Bananensplit 123

      Flight cloud’ve made it to the NBA but he didn‘t have the cameras on.

    64. Noah Fahey

      your only wins are agianst donwy players that cant play ball

      1. Jahki Murray

        It doesn’t matter he just showing us he got better in ball

    65. Josh Smith

      Ill beat flight ill pay to play u 😂🗣

    66. Papi chulo

      Imagine winning because you’re taller than your opponents

    67. Papi chulo

      Come on flight you know you’re scared just accept it and come take the L

    68. Papi chulo

      Imma comment on every video I can till you stop dodging this smoke

      1. Jahki Murray

        You wasting your time commenting a lot he’s not gonna read a nobody’s comment 😂

    69. Papi chulo

      I’ll comment and call you out till you come and play me I’m younger and I know you’ll lose still

    70. Papi chulo

      I’m waiting for you to finally take this seriously so you can come get this work I know you want a dub but all you gonna be catching is L against me

    71. Papi chulo

      Yo flight you still dodging this smoke come and get the work

    72. Sniper Cle

      The second dude hustle so strong💪😂

    73. Sniper Cle

      Flight the goat two drop off added to the record

    74. Zion Henry

      Bro the second dude was too wild whole time I’m like dawg chilll 😂

    75. iOwn Time

      Ik this fool didn’t make a damn halftime in a 1v1 to 11😭😭😭

    76. Groove

      Those two guys made flights form look good

    77. Nemigods YT

      It's been the longest its finally August

    78. F R

      Look at Flight man, he’s a casual.

    79. Levi Cooper08

      why does flight do an instant replay after every basket he makes 😂 ig it really is that rare of an occasion for him to make a bucket

      1. Levi Cooper08

        i would cook any month flight and that’s just facts

    80. Je'Marco Armbrister

      Flight I wish you weren’t trash.

      1. Jahki Murray

        @Je'Marco Armbrister what you tryna say

      2. Je'Marco Armbrister

        @Jahki Murray so you also think water is wet?

      3. Jahki Murray

        @Je'Marco Armbrister ain’t nobody trolling he did get better

      4. Je'Marco Armbrister

        @Jahki Murray trolling ain’t cool bro.

      5. Jahki Murray

        You tweaking he got better

    81. Sam

      see i flew out and beat flight just didnt have the cameras on

    82. Kdaboss 978

      Was I only one who thought that was a mirror

    83. Zach Nagy

      Chummy buttons has terrible stamina flight whatchu talkin bout. He says losing streak is over but these guys are no competition

    84. 3minecraft 32

      Oops i turned on Flight mode....

    85. YoBoyAleX

      “why you lie” its july😭

    86. Boldackalack _

      Flight trying to get his KD up playing bums . Even though he a bum too

    87. I A

      I can beat you and i’m 14 and not even play basketball

    88. Aaron Jefferys

      7:52 Deflategate? 🤔 I never seen a basketball sit on a rim like that lol

    89. Aaron Jefferys

      Flight gon be a bucket at the end of the summer.

    90. Stephan Bain

      Flight just needs to hit the gym I believe in you 💯.

    91. JOEYSOFIRE 2003

      Play Faze again for $5000

    92. jelicafrmLA

      Flight is dumb but so adorable, awww❤️❤️

    93. Prinz_yn

      No one can beat flight in june 😤😤😈

    94. sloke koala

      FlIGHT!!!!! go see Flight Disingenuous (REMIX)ft 2 Pac. U need to do it

      1. sloke koala

        #spamflight he needs to see it

    95. SB Kai

      second kid curb stomped the floor on every step

    96. Smoke Rezo

      He’s a glitch inna matrix 19:59

    97. Red


    98. Tiko

      I surprised flight starting to use his height instead of shooting

    99. Lebron James

      My tip of shot by october

    100. Cmulla 100

      Anyone know where dat durag from