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FlightTeam Stand Up!

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  1. Jeremiah melendez

    The way flights face goes down when Rudy gober😅😂🤣

  2. Sgt. Sargent

    13:00 aged badly

  3. hokuto shinken

    Flight looks so different here much iq

  4. spaghetti Arrow

    pov u still have a iphone 6 in 2021

  5. 4accasion _

    If u with a chick just play this song u know what im saying u gone get the poo poo😂🤣🤣 im dead😂😂😂😂

  6. DatboyLeeky _

    Watching this again in 2021 is making me mad cause this was when KGup was perfect 🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. Marky Pooh

    Flight low key falling off

  8. Rafael Guy

    Mans hat is broken lmaoo

  9. Hector Nunez

    Kenny was such a crybaby bro, he changed the scoring so many times

  10. Teshorn Jackson Photography

    Flight ain’t built to compete against Mikey


    Who made this beat

  12. skinny boi

    Yoo flight drop the hoodie you wearing in the video. I would buy that for sure

  13. Dokiyboddy

    That’s a 👋🏼 er

  14. Basunka

    This decent

  15. Truly Tucky


  16. Likeaboss games

    I got second hand embarrassment from Kenny's whining bruh

  17. Portugal Johnny


  18. luigi Livingston

    2:32 I got this from weegeepie

  19. Kevin Coyle

    When flight think porter is Michael Carter williams

  20. Kevin Coyle

    “The rest are nobody’s” Michael porter jr.: 👁👄👁

  21. wt.clipzz

    “April is here, my content is still top tier”

  22. ItzBmkJay

    Bro am I the only one that sat up straight for real💀😂😂

  23. Mr.SlimJim

    Then eyes

  24. Vincent Traylor

    at least he didnt delete it

  25. ben 10

    I feel like hes faking that hes bad...or is he actually still that bad :(

  26. Sungazing Rn

    Flight has the best visuals 🔥

  27. 1804brandon Shiffy


  28. Goated Snags

    Heat cheque

  29. Goated Snags

    Heat cheque

  30. PokeMan Kirito

    whats that thing called the guy with with the blue is wearing on his legs?

  31. Ay.j short clips

    Flight u gotta work more

  32. NARUTO Uzumaki

    Flight thinks hes a good Rapper - x is Better-

  33. Eighth Dart

    When you don’t got the newest 2k game

  34. Miloqt

    "number 0 you are a school threat."

  35. Evan

    is it me or did flight take mike sherm’s bars??

  36. Peterjeffson Armah

    does flight even watch basketball imao

  37. EyAustin

    bruh this is mike sherm song

  38. Peterjeffson Armah


  39. User a

    Why does this get recommended Right now

  40. Afram Jakobsson

    DAMN where can u buy that white nike sweater

  41. sanity lol

    tell me why flight look like comethazine lil sped brother

  42. JM Plays Pro

    Uhh help.. I know him lol jk

  43. SNYX

    12:32 “what’s with these knee injuries, players not drinking enough milk” LOL

  44. yandel etanislao


  45. Childish Dang

    This shii is fucking heat. THis is Flight's style he has one unlike the 82 percent of people in the game like deadass. This is hard and its Flight #AllStarGame #Flight #PoloGTrash #FlightintheAllStarGame

  46. Adam Salhab

    React to Jake Paul

  47. Sam & Britli Airtight

    You was trying to hit...smh 4 spicy vids hit my channel

  48. Sam & Britli Airtight

    Prince family snitchn asses trying to get her deported... let her get her papah She said 21 because she was drinking on Camera dummies

  49. - iGotWhateva

    stole lyrics from Jackass Mike Sherm😪

  50. Gwizz

    The step back to get flight 7-2 IS JUNE FLIGHTTTTT

  51. WinterRanger 88

    Look at flight man so inspirational

  52. Kyan-_-

    copying mike sherm from jackass?

  53. xavier dog


  54. JT Vlogs and games

    RIP X

  55. JT Vlogs and games

    RIP. Still here in 2021. I hope his family is doing well

  56. Sakarias Aldensand

    Flihgt nows that mj was a shoting guard rihgt?

  57. Tristan Phipps

    17:22 when u chillin and you see a spider in your room

  58. daronte23

    Jay cheated flight

  59. Alexces Tomboc

    funny how you clipped out all ur bitching at the end 😂

  60. tgbhybb Carr


  61. JayShotz


  62. Daniel Liñán Molina

    wait til he discovers number eleven on the nuggets name is m.morris

  63. Jeremiah Kitson

    4 years later still love it

  64. wavymelly

    Nico would destroy flight🤧

  65. rj Jay


  66. Young EJ

    U suck

  67. Kenton Arrington

    4 mins into video he still talking

  68. Brandon’s Comp

    My birthday is the 6 of March

  69. Brandon’s Comp

    Bruh she almost has my birthday

  70. That Relaxing Streamer

    who here in 2021

  71. Josue Alpizar

    I get hit with 1 punch from mike I’m dropping like Nate

  72. Demarcus Jones

    Lol he said it was something wrong with the rim 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  73. Zonix


  74. Natashia Coss

    Flight you should react to Warriors vs Celtics

  75. Mr.1Take __

    I like how people still saying Flight acting dumb and doing it for views when Cash said it himself this is how he act in real life and I can believe it 😂😂😂 but at least he still keep us entertained unlike these other cringey ass youtubers 😂😂💯

  76. Caleb Jackson

    You on the scoreboard

  77. D


  78. bentong bryant

    no will talk about how flight jump by 1 foot and landed by same foot too 8:20